Monday, October 15, 2007

Human Pets^^

If you guys play Facebook,
you might have heard of Human Pets.

Now, at first thought, it may seem like an extremely 'sick' game where we OURSELVES become pets. (at least that was what I had initially thought)
BUT's the VERY reason why I'm hooked on Facebook^^

It's SO SO Fun^^
To be honest, it's most likely due to fact that you can get to view profiles of other members of Facebook.
And most of them are CUTE girls and HOT guys!!! Hahaha XD

In fact, my brother added Human Pets after he saw my beautiful owner. (Though my current owner is an extremely cute boy now^^)

And I realized something,
ever since I used Human Pets,
I'm getting more and more excited.
I'm excited when I see that my points are increasing.
(for those who hasn't played Human Pets a little, let me introduce a little about it)

It's an application on Facebook (similar to BoozeMail or Naughty Gifts)
And when add the application,
you automatically become a Human Pet with the worth of 50 points.
Points are given in various methods,
- by viewing other ppl on Human Pets
- by logging into Human Pets every 2 hours
- when other ppl 'thumb' your comments.

Points can be used to
- buy other pets
- buy food or items to give to your pets

So that's basically it.
When someone buys you, they become your owner.
You can only have ONE owner, but you can OWN many pets^^

And every time someone buys you, your 'price' increases.
So, those extremely cute girls are worth a lot of points.

Back to story,
I get excited to see my points increase.
And it's EVEN more exciting when my owner is a pretty girl, and a cute guy^^ LOL^^

Ever since I got a pretty female owner, I keep complimenting her,
that at times, I think I'm a lesbian!!!!'s so scary...I think i might have to change my sexual preference from straight--> bi...
To add more, Angelus thinks I'm weird to feel happy when my points increase.
According to him, Human Pets sounds like being a prostitute. LOL^^
Which is true to a certain extent. XD
But then it's only an online game, no harm done right? hehe^^

By the way,
I read an extremely amusing bulletin on friendster regarding the newly opened Gardens, MidValley. (Yes..although I'm hooked on Facebook, I still log into Friendster^^)

Apparently, the tiles throughout the WHOLE of Gardens are EXTREMELY reflective.
i.e a pervert can easily see a girl's undies just by looking at the tiles.

But you yourself can't see your own reflection, it'll work better when you're looking at someone else.... Hmm...I wonder how true it is.. Because I didn't realize it when I went to Gardens last week..LOL^^


Thomas said...

hehehe.... the ONLY reason why i'm on facebook now is for human pets :P:P....

Odin said...

I, too, love Human Pets. It's a more realistic HotorNot, with the added bonus of rewarding you for expanding your interests beyond your circle of friends..

It is not like prostitution, just as a better chef gets paid more, there is no sex.

You have to work to get where you are; I see plenty of really cute boys and girls, and they do not have a high value. (There still are a limited amount of points, and people spend them wisely.) So there is nothing wrong in being excited about your rise in value, it means you are valued for your effort and page personality.


Alex Palacios said...

I'm also addicted to Human Pets. So addicted, I googled the word "Human Pets" and found your post. Rock on! You should add me to your Human Pets friends lol...

Ty said...

Hahaha! You're so right. My girl and our friends got into this and have been addicted for two weeks now! XD

It's the only reason we go to FB anymore lol. We're dorks. lol

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