Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am going off again~

I have been spending most of my time sitting at home,
reading my physiology, and during night time I would usually be

> Facebook-ing
> Human Pet-ting
> Msn-ing

Yup, the standard things I do when I am on the net.

Anyways, something happened recently.
It made me happy for a few days, but now I am feeling oh-so-sad. = =
I think I have been going around telling almost everyone I know on msn, that I had a crush.
*yes, u read right. I had a crush.*

It was the feeling which I haven't felt of almost a year.
And it was all good, when I got paranoid and got depressed over some small issues. = =
Don't ask why. I just needed to vent out my feelings.
And I think during this process I made the other party sad as well. = =

Well, let's digress from that.
And talk on MORE depressing issues, such as my coming exam paper.....

It's so depressing that although I managed to finish reading the notes given,
I failed to MEMORIZE the points. = =
Thus, what I have left in my mind is just some hazy picture of the body systems we've learned. *grrrrr*

Oh well, I've never been good with memorizing stuff anyway.. lol^^

Back to my title, I will be gone for a week I think.
I'll be working this weekend @ Jusco, Bukit Tinggi~~
Hehe^^ a friend of mine managed to get me a job as a promoter.
SO come this weekend, I will be a promoter again.
(But I don't have a proper pair of black pants or black shoes for that matter.
So I'll most likely borrow some black pants, and some black shoes from my brother or my dad...*baggy clothings, again*)

And next Tues, I will be sitting for my Physiology paper.
And next Thurs, I shall be off to INCOVAR, a buddhist youth camp till the 2nd of December~

So, I SHALL stay away from the internet once again.

I shall prevail~~~ LOL ^^

(I still remember my promise to wear the newly bought clothes, but then it seems like the "camera-loving" me has been dormant.
And, I blame long hours of stressful Physiology-reading on her disappearance.
Thus, come post-Physiology-exam day, she shall set lose on a photo-shooting spree~~~ :p)

1 comment:

kzken said...

What on earth is 'human petting'?
I didn't know we can rear human?
haha Internet is weird. *_+

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