Sunday, December 09, 2007

My FIRST post this December.

I realized that I've been mia (missing in action) for the past week. LoL~~
(yes, I have been wanting to blog for days, yet my somehow I just couldn't force myself to do it)

So, time for some serious updates as what Miss Wen Yi has been doing after her Physiology paper ;p

First off, would be about the Physiology paper itself. I had initially thought that my preparations at home were sufficient enough to pass the paper. However, the truth hit me right on my face when I was back at my uni's apartment.

My house mates were EVEN more well prepared than I was.
When they asked one another some "simple" questions, I was totally LOST~ @.@

Thus, I panicked. (ya, I think I have a tiny little bit of "kiasu-ism" stuck within me)
So, I decided to read my notes AGAIN; right from PAGE 1!!!!
And there I was trying to cram every single little details given inside my mind till 3am (or was it 4am??? @.@ while the rest of my house mates went to sleep)

Thankfully, I think I did my best and will pass the paper; but without flying colours = =
(I got a feeling that my marks for this semester won't be as well as the first semester *sigh* my results for Bioscience is out, and guess what? It's lower than previous sem's marks *double sigh*)

Oh well, back to happy stuff. I went out to times square (and not forgetting sungai wang) for some quality time^^

My house mates and I went shopping for my birthday present and they got me a little black dress which I wore twice already (because it's soo nice^^) and a knee-length jean pants.

Posing @ Gasoline in Times Square (the rice there is rather bland, but the noodles are good. AND most importantly, big thumbs up for their deco^^)

Next off we headed to The Curve with ChiaHui and met up with Devi's "gang" ;p
We ate at some chinese restaurant opposite Fridays.
It served food which is RIDICULOUSLY expensive = =
One plate of fried rice cost Rm10.90 (if I remember correctly) *annoyed*
But since I am a big eater, and was getting hungry, I had to order it = =''

After the exorbitantly priced meal, we all switched to Fridays where all of them celebrated both my birthday and Raj's.

Raj and I being forced to sing into a make-believe-microphone i.e the ketchup bottles in our hands. In the end, we sang Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls while Raj grooved to it. Lol^^
(Friday's Staff are hilarious *esp the guy with the gleaming eyes*)

The girls who were out at Fridays^^

Then, the five girls left and headed into The Curve and snapped away~~

What snap???

Snap pictures lah~~ what else?? Lol^^

We only took pictures because the decorations were so pretty!!! ;p

There, proof of fancy lights^^ (i LOVE neon blue lights~~~)

There are ten people in this pic, can you see them?? Lol^^

More fancy decorations^^

Nyam~~ Snowflakes taste good ;p

After all the photo taking, we went back to the apartment and took more photos~
Well, here's one of them^^
(chin yeong went to bathe so she was missing~~ lol)
And to wrap up this post, let's have a "cute" picture of me^^

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