Sunday, December 30, 2007

Singapore Trip~

As I have promised, my update on my trip down to Singapore.
It's a bit delayed, but that's how I

Hehe^^ for starters,
I went to Singapore with my room mate, and my house mates =)

Day 1
We left Pudu, KL at 8.30am and guess what time we arrived?
We arrived at Singapore around 3pm = =
The delay was because of the long queue in the immigration,
and also the traffic jam within Singapore.

Anyways, we stayed in ASPHodel Inn.
The "hotel" was newly renovated, so it looked really nice.
But the double bed provided is smaller than an average queen-sized bed, because the bed is smaller than the one I sleep on at home. LOL~
However considering the fact that we only payed Sgd75 a night, it's a bargain =)

Btw, the proudest thing is that, the four of us,
walked all the way from Lavender bus station to our hotel in Little India!!!
Yes, armed with a map of Singapore, we WALKED to our hotel^^

Once we checked in, we immediately left for Chinatown for our late "lunch".
Next, we went to Vivo City~

me and a big ball of flowers outside Vivo City~

The girls and I~~

After that, we headed to Clarke Quay
(and it was so saddening that I kept pronouncing Quay wrongly = =)
Well, as Clarke Quay is one of the most happening club area in Singapore,
we went clubbing^^ who wouldn't?

Since it was ladies night, we took advantage of the benefits of being a lady,
and went club-hopping!!
In the end, we went to 3 clubs: Ministry of Sound
and another two clubs, which names I have forgotten = =

Anyways, the one thing which I really like about MOS, is that they have a counter for females to store their bulky handbags! (unlike Maison in KL)

And their concept is very different from Maison's.
They have different "rooms" for different themes like old school, jazz, rnb, etc....

Also, the taxis in Singapore are reasonably priced!
For example, the ride back from Clarke Quay to Little India was around sgd4,
and the late night surcharge made the final payment only around sgd6.
In Malaysia, the fares are doubled up = =

Day Two..
We woke up early, headed to Bugis for breakfast,
and walked around the area till noon time.

After that, we headed to Suntec City (by foot again)
Passed by Esplanade^^
And took pictures^^
PohYee and I with Singapore City at the background..

Us again, with Mummy and Baby Merlion behind~

Later at night,
we went clubbing again. LOL~
This time it was St. James Power Station.

From left to right: Cucu, Pohyee, Wilfred, Jaymie, Me and Renly
(yes, I know I look weird in the pic, but no, I was NOT drunk.. LOL~)

St James is really huge. It's got a total of 9 different "clubs" within the whole building.
But unfortunately we didn't enter all of it.

Then we club-hopped, again :p,
this time to another club called Dbl-O ^^

After that, we went to Geylang for supper~~~
And boy am I thankful that we did not book the Hotel 81 in Geylang,
because while we were walking to the eating stall at Geylang,
some D.O.Ms bugged us = =

We went back to the hotel around 4am!
And we woke up at 8am because we needed to leave the hotel early,
just in case we missed our bus back to KL. LOL~~

All in all, it was a great trip.

And to be really honest, I've met up with 5 ppl whom I met in HumanPets when I was in Sg. Lol~
When I had initially told my house mates that I wanna meet up with them,
they were shocked! Hahaha^^

But in the end, I'm glad my intuition on these ppl were correct.
None of the 5 ppl whom we met up with were "bad" ppl.
In fact, I think it was our meeting up with them that made our Singapore trip more exciting^^
Not only that, we are all now richer with 5 newly met friends =)

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Phiku said...

u prounounce KUAY rite?? when in fact it is KEE .. hahai kena also

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