Sunday, December 23, 2007

中国话 China ~~~~

I'm back from China in one piece!
Wait...I did come back in one piece, but somehow that piece gained some
extra weight in the wrong areas *sigh*

Not only that, I came back with a
sprained ankle, which is now a swollen lump of blood clot.
Luckily I can still walk normally^^ though sometimes I limp a bit. *sigh*

ALSO, my face's condition is getting worse.

Dry weather + dirty-newly-bought-gloves + scratching hands = Reddish + Peeling + Pimply skin

That's exactly how bad my skin is right now. It makes me feel a little down (that's why I am not having any plans for Christmas nor New Year, because I think I am in no condition to be seen by public ;p)
BUT..... I'm trying hard to not feel bad about it!!
*cheers for my determination on not trying to scratch the peeling skin away*

Anyways, my visit to Fujian Province of China has been enlightening and entertaining in it's own way.

I spent 8 days and 7 nights in China, and I'll sum it all up in one post!!!! *claps and cheers*

a bored WenYi on the way to KLIA

The bad bad weather with the clouds and the Plaza Toll beneath while on the way to KLIA on the 15th of Dec 2007.
(Artistic ain't it? :p)

A view of Malaysia and The South China Sea on board Xiamen Airlines~~

The trip is generally like this,

Malaysia > Fuzhou > Mt Wuyi > Xiamen > Quanzhou > Putian > Fuzhou > Malaysia

Well, initially, I had thought China is this kinda less developed country compared to Malaysia.
I thought their cities would be smaller like Klang,
I was kinda blown away when I saw how BIG their cities were.

Fuzhou is something like Penang City.
Big, heavy traffic, loads of ppl walking around, etc.

Reached Fuzhou late, and was being Malaysian-night owls, we craved for food...and found Chinese dumplings!!!!!
Guess how much this tray cost??

Each tray of dumplings cost only 3Yuan = less than RM1.50 per tray!!!!!!
Food is cheap!! CHEAP!!! really cheap!!!!

Fuzhou's main train station~

Fuzhou's main bus station (something like Pudu bus station, but with lots of small shops selling loads of shoes, winter clothing, food, etc..)

A Plaza tol in Fuzhou~ (and I thought it was a bridge intially = =)

Mt Wuyi is China's national heritage town. (the tour guide mentioned something about Mount Wuyi being listed as a United Nation's Natural Area or something like that. If u're interested in reading more about those facts, google it. lol^^)
Basically Mount Wuyi is an town with loads of hills for u to take nice scenic pictures of mountains and rivers.

Mount Wuyi's Airport

Thread of Sky~ Which is actually a cave with really REALLY narrow steps!

There!! Proof that the steps ARE indeed narrow!!! If u happen to be "rounder" you would most probably get stuck in between the rocks!! XD

A scenic view taken in Mount Wuyi!!!

I love this pic!!! I am such a good photographer!! ;p

My mum and I~

Another nice pic^^

The river which we rode on~

me me me!!! a chubby me!!! *winks*

a boat of six and our "driver" haha~~

A really big tea pot~~
Me on the top of one of the hills in Mount Wuyi. The weather was around 10-15 celcius but climbing up the hill gets one sweating no matter how cold it may be!!!

Thus, once I stopped climbing I had to wear a jacket. Hehe^^

Xiamen = mini Singapore.
The tour guide seemed super proud about it. He kept mentioning how much they emulated from Singapore City; which is true to a certain extent.
They have lots of nice apartments! (the newly build ones are much nicer than those I saw in Singapore.)
Their roads are wide and clean! They have workers walking around just to sweep and make sure the roads are rubbish-free!

The high rise buildings of Xiamen behind me~

Quanzhou is a small town, which highlight was this old stone carving of an old man.

The old man with not-so-perfect ears~

On the way from Quanzhou to Putian, I saw this "masjid"-like building.
But once we were closer, the words stated that the building is a restaurant!!!

Putian is a smaller town, which has a Shaolin Temple (but the tour guide didn't bring us there = = because we were short of time and had to visit Mazu Temple)

The odd 13 members of the tour and Goddess of Mazu~

After the trip, I had a new idea of what China really is.
It's a developing nation, which is getting more advanced than Malaysia!
Yet, sad to say, I still managed to experience door-less toilets!!!

Yup!!! Door-less toilets still exists in China (not in their cities, but in smaller restaurants and temples)
I didn't take any pictures of the door-less toilets cause I usually go to the loo in pairs or groups. So I wouldn't wanna take any pictures with butts around,would I?

And one thing about their toilets which I think Malaysians could use is the "pijak" flush.
Just step on the level, and ta-daa~~~
everything u excreted is off to the sewage system!! Haha^^

However, many people in China have one bad habit which I cannot tolerate...
it's the way they spit!!

They have to give out this "special" sound effect every single time before they spit!!
It's a not-so-melodious-sound that would make me feel like puking!!!!
Thus, whenever I heard THAT sound, I will stay way way AWAY from the person;
just in case the mixture of phlegm and saliva gets stuck on me *ewwww*

A few more pictures~~
The lovely skies on the flight back to Malaysia~

The stuff which I bought!!!!!
> A red winter jacket
> one white jacket (which unfortunately got stained when I soaked them last night)
> two long sleeved shirt
> two long john
> 3 pairs of shoes
> 20 odd items
> a dvd with 100+ songs for 5 yuan!
> 5 packets of green tea flavoured chewing gum


adam brown said...

hello, i emailed you but got an error. anyway here's the reg cleaner i uses, this shit is good, don't stay without protection!

cucu said...

putian is my grandparents' hometown.. =)
and i like the boots u bought~~ =D

WenYi said...

hehe^^ thanks thanks~~

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