Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Eye on Malaysia

I am finally done with my foundation pharmacy essay.
In fact, I completed it on Sunday evening. *phew*

I went out on Sat,
to see THE Eye on Malaysia~

Now, why did I bold "the"?
It's basically because I think that Eye On Malaysia..
honestly speaking...
isn't that NICE.

It has been overrated.
After seeing all the pictures my friends took with the ferris wheel.
I though it'd be nice for me to go as well.

And after hearing that it wasn't gonna get teared down,
(The Eye on Malaysia was supposed to be taken down, as it was set up in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2007)
I was soooo delighted~

I went to Titiwangsa,
thinking that it would be SUPER big, enormous~
it was a total let-down.
It's bigger than the standard ferris wheels u see in circuses or normal parks,
but not as big as I had imagined.

However, since my friends and i were already there.
We all decided to part with Rm15,
just to board on one of the 42 cabins they had.

Okay, it may look big here~
but when U go to the actual site, it's just another ferris wheel.
My friends and I (who went) actually agree that Genting's Cable car was much worth it.
U only pay Rm5 to for that,
and u get a nice scenery of lush greenery + mist (if it's cold enough)
and u get cool fresh air (not some man-made cooled

The view from the cable car isn't exactly bad.
But it's not really a view of KL city. (see how far the twin tower and KL tower is??)

The three girls (plus a photographer) who went~~

Bamboo trees along Tasik Titiwangsa where the Eye on Malaysia is located.

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