Wednesday, January 09, 2008


During this past few days,
my router went bonkers. (or so we thought)
Called so many ppl for help, but none succeeded.
Even bloody TIME (the network provider for my internet connection at IMU),
only helped us set a direct connection using the desktop.
So all the laptops in the house (including mine)
was left without internet connection.

And no matter how much we tried and tried,
the router wasnt able to connect us to the internet = =
It was an extremely torturing 3 days without internet,
and thus,
we concluded that our router needed to be sent for service.
And since it's still under warranty,
we went all the way to LowYat in hopes that our internet woos will be solved.

When we finally found the service center,
guess what the guy told us?

He said,
"there's nothing wrong with ur router"

We were like,

Then he said,
" but ur adapter has a minor problem. We can get it changed for u,
and u can come collect it after 4-6 weeks."

We were even shocked...
we went back in vain.

miracles happen (at least I would like to think it is).

I tried the router,
reset it using the Wizard. (which was the exact same thing that I have done the past few days)
we all connected to the internet!!!!!

I am so happy~~
and partly proud of myself =)
Thank goodness we did not rush out to buy a new router.. lmao~~~


dayah mizan said...

yay!!!finally boleh eh wendy...

Porcupine said...

It is cases like this that sometimes I think the computer people are trying to maximize their profits by telling you nothing can be fixed and that you have to buy a new one...

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