Friday, February 01, 2008

P108 orientation^^

Finally, I have time (and the mood) to blog!!!
It's a public holiday in KL, and this marks the beginning of my 10day holiday break for Chinese New Year!!! Holidays make wenyi a happy girl... LOL^^
Though I do have a couple of uni stuff that has to be done during this holiday, such as
- a lab report
- the final draft for my foundation pharmacy (remember Drug Misuse?? *sigh*)
- a t-shirt design for a camp that the Buddhist society is gonna organize around July
- posters for upcoming activities of the society

Then, not only that, I still need to help out with household chores. Yup, the standard "spring cleaning" of the entire house, and the decorating of the house to make it look as "red" as possible.. LOL~~

Hehe^^ anyways, I'll allocate this post for the first TWO weeks of my 3rd semester, i.e
THE P108 Orientation!!

Well, I and 4 of my batch-mates, are the facilitators or the Orientation Officers (which we call O O) of a group called......

Hehe^^ initially the juniors were shy. (well I was shy as well during my 1st semester..LOL^^)
But after a few days, they loosened up and finally got their act together^^
The whole orientation is 6 days~
so I have one picture for each day^^

On Day 6,
we had a recycling activity in the morning,
then we headed off to MidValley and had lunch i Yoshinoya~
Then during the night,
it's Retro Night^^
And guess what??
Our group bagged two titles^^

During the Retro Night,
we also had a surprise belated birthday celebration with the juniors for ChinYeong^^

And since it was Retro Night,
we had to take pictures^^

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