Sunday, February 03, 2008

Let's show our support~

I am usually a blur when it comes to local news.
In fact the latest accident of a bus crash went unnoticed by me, till my house mate told me about it.
(in case the news escaped ur eyes, like mine :p
i'm talking about the Slim River Bus Crash incident,
which happened on the 25th of January 2008.)
Back to story, my house mate knows the girl's bf, and showed me a picture of the girl, Lee Nian Ning.

And jz now, another fren of mine told me that he knew the deceased girl as well.
And he gave me a link dedicated for the girl.
Please visit this site, Bus Crash No More
and show your support,
the least that I could do was sign an e-petition,
which is for the Ministry of Transportation because the driver of the double-decker express bus that saw three of its passengers killed in the crash had 13 outstanding police summonses issued against him!!

This is all for the HOPE that Malaysian roads will be a safer place,
and that everyone can "balik kampung" on buses which are safe!
Not some bus driven by a driver with more than a DOZEN of "samans" waiting for him!!

Please help me spread the word if u read this post,
I know that there aren't many readers in my blog *sigh*
but do spread the word.

Till date, I have known 2 people personally who have died in CAR ACCIDENTS.
One was my high school head perfect,
while the other is my friend's boyfriend.

It's a sad thing to hear about ppl passing away,
but when you know the person personally,
and that when prayers still fail you even though u prayed so hard for their survival,
that's when it hits u on the face,
that our life on this world is short.

Though I may say these now,
I will forget about it (most of the time),
but nevertheless,
try NOT to speed on roads,
and if you do speed,
at least be mindful about NOT only YOUR OWN safety,
but the safety of OTHERS!

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