Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dreams of my roomie~

I dreamed of my roomie in the past two nights. Creepy?

It is kinda creepy, considering I'm on my study break, and I'm back in MY home, while she's back in HERS. Plus, the dream ITSELF was kinda creepy, yet amusing at the same time.
Dream #1

My roomie and I were in a car, and SHE was the one driving! Now, in real life, my roomie isn't the kind of person who drives often. She's more of a erm...seasonal driver? :p
Anyways, back to story, she was driving while I was at the co-driver seat. Both of us had our seat belts on. As she was driving the car along a wooden bridge, I noticed that the bridge was weird. There was another bridge below, and further down as a pool of water, or a river.

Somehow, our van fell off the bridge!
I removed my seatbelt, and wanted to jump, but my roomie was still stuck with hers. The car hit the water, and only then did we swam out of the vehicle.

The dream ended there.

*In case if you're wondering whether I peed on my bed
(as dreams with water are often related to the urge to go to the toilet, or so I read)
NO, I did not pee on my bed. LOL ;p*

Dream #2

I was seating in the lecture hall, with my roomie (again) seated two seats away from me, on my right. On my left, was another batch mate of mine (which unfortunately I have forgotten who she is by now). And there was some conversation going on. I think it was some exam or test, as that was why we were not seating side by side.

When I told my house mate about this, she asked,
"wah... you miss her that much? hehe.."

Hmm.. well, maybe I do ;p
(lesbo in the making?? Nah.... though I DO like looking at cute and hot girls ;p)


ButterfliesForDinner said...

What coincidence, I like looking at hot girls too. Rofl.

Anonymous said...

doooottt.. i remember the photo.. i have seen it somewhere... my housemate's laptop?? =P

WenYi said...

haha~~ butterfliesfordinner looks horrifying, me no wanna share hot girls with u ;p

yupz~ housemate's lappy has a lot of pics.. i have decided on buying the sony ericsson phone that both my housemate and roomie has. I want!!!! haha;p

devi said...

all u nokia betrayers! looks like i'm the only loyal one to nokia in the room.

Anonymous said...

devi daddy, renly baby also using nokia wat.. rmb?? hehe..

devi said...

she has her pda now! it's not the same..both my phones are nokias

WenYi said...

haha~ I might change my mind and get a nokia, apparently it's cheaper coz it doenst hv 3G. ;p

Anonymous said...

den u will become ne betrayer.. lol..

Anonymous said...

shit la....i'm not les ok...!!!
-poe green-
and i'm creative!!

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