Thursday, May 01, 2008

Voting's Over~

Good News for the Ladies and gentlemen who were (and hopefully still are) interested in the developing SRC politics!!

Chin Yeong WON the post!
Nope, I'm just kidding ;p

The good news is that the SRC voting for ALL batches have OFFICIALLY ended!! Which means the votes casted as being counted the very moment I'm typing this post. And my sources tell me that the results will be released by this Saturday ;p
So..keep your fingers crossed^^

On a side track, I am starting to feel a tiny-wheeny stressed over my End of Semester 3 exams. Which is a good thing, considering the fact that I

- always doze off in lectures.

- tend to skip selected "boring" lectures.
(which explains why my roommate stared at me, when I ticked 4=agree, for the statement

" I always attend lectures."
in the subject evaluation form.

The subject evaluation form is a form which all students fill during the end of the semester IF they were present in the class when the form is passed around. AND since I was present in class when the form was passed around, I think I deserve to tick a 4 rather than a 2 (which means disagree). Right?

I am suddenly remind about the fact, that ONE of my lecturers in IMU is rather tech-savvy i.e he reads blogs of students. Hopefully, he will NOT and shall NOT stumble upon my blog *cross fingers again, but on the other hand *


youzhuan said...

i think i know which tech-savvy lecturer you talked about...ur roomie and i have to meet him rather occaionally, to talk about PSD.
yea, apparently, he says he does go check out ppls blog....

Anonymous said...

mummy, next sem cannot zz in class d oh~~ =P
maria makes coffee for u, k?? hehehe..

WenYi said...

hehe^^ okie~ mummy won't sleep ;p

devi said...

yeah right!

i have heard this resolution since semester 1..she still never keeps up to it..when raj and i get bored in lectures we look for wen yi to catch her sleeping

WenYi said...

noooo.... i shall break this tradition, come forth semester 4, wenyi shall not sleep in class *prays hard* hahahaha~

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