Saturday, May 24, 2008

Go Speed Racer, GO~~ LOL^^

I just came back with carrots after watching Speed Racer.
My verdict is... GO SPEED~~~~ LOL^^

I have read reviews on the movie, saying that the directors of the movie - the warchowski brothers (yea, the one that brought us Matrix!!) went nuts for colours after shooting the "black and white" Matrix trilogy. Thus, they threw in every single imaginable colour that they could. LOL~

Yes, the critic was indeed right. The colors were SOOOOO vibrant throughout the movie. EVERYTHING was just COLORFUL~ Fortunately for me, I love the colors that they used =) The color combinations made the movie really bright, and interesting, and makes you feel happy all the time =)

Plus, the race scenes are really good^^ Though some people may not like the idea of having a whole movie with computerized background, and that the movie is too cartoon-ish, I being a fan of anime, LOVED the cartoon-ish effects a LOT!!! (well, the movie is based on an anime, so yea, the movie has to be cartoon-ish!)

I love how the vibrant background swirls and changes colors, and i LOVE the soundtrack of the movie. It's a really fun movie! It's got

- fighting scenes with ninjas
- cars that have hidden weapons, and lots of funny hidden tools
- touching family scene
- romance (only one kissing scene though)
- comedy (lots of comedy, there was a chimpanzee in the movie to zest things up^^)
- piranhas
- gunshot scenes


RAIN is in the movie!!

Who's Rain???
Rain as in hujan ke? no lah~~

Rain = The Korean Superstar^^ awww...he's just cute and has great dance moves^^ Unfortunately in this movie, I didn't get to see much of his cute side, but an english-speaking-Rain is cool too^^

Anyways, something really funny happened to ALL the audience who watched Speed Racer @ 6.45pm @ MidValley.
Carrots and Peas decided to stay back awhile longer after the exit was opened, to catch the catchy soundtrack. Thus we were the last few who exited the cinema hall, we followed the person in front of us, and took a left turn. We walked while talking about the movie for several minutes until we realized that everyone from the same cinema hall was walking back towards us. ROFL.

WE has ALL taken the wrong turning, and we heard people saying they walked the wrong direction, and kept pointing at the exit signs, which we clearly drawn on the walls (meaning that the correct direction would be to turn right once u exited the cinema hall). I found this incident extremely amusing as EVERYONE just followed the very first person who left the hall, and EVERYONE bersama-sama took the wrong turning!Best part was, no one noticed the arrows on the wall till a few minutes later. ROFL. I guess all the bright colors, and fancy race scenes got our sense of direction spinning as well. LOL~

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Tivius said...

The movie was excellent ! I loved it a lot. Glad you did too ! ^__^

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