Friday, May 23, 2008

new layout

It's been awhile since I changed the layout of my blog. So there, I spent all my time trying to alter this and that so that the header (which hopefully shall be changed every now and then, when Peas is free ^^)

I think it looks a bit weird, the color combination and all, but heck, it takes up too much time trying to understand how it works... = = Do let me know whether this blue colour is too striking. Or do you all prefer the previous skin with the black background??

By the way, I went to the dentist today because I had a minor toothache. Fortunately the dentist said there weren't any decays, nor was it a case of sensitive teeth. So, he told me to come back in 3 months time for another check up. Plus, he informed me that I had 4 wisdom tooth, which should be extracted. = = Do i really need to extract them??

Hehe..on a side note, I'm almost done with season 1 and 2 of Prison Break^^ I know season 3's out, but I don't have any idea where to watch it online, anyone knows??? ( I did research on where to watch it too, but the link I got didn't work *sigh*)
And owh....Carrot's coming back today^^ hehehe^^


milochel said...

sth nice for a change... quite fresh!:) i lik it..

Anonymous said...

what a coincidence!!!!
i went to the dentist today also!!!
bcause of a toothache also!!!!
and guess what...
like YOUR dentist, MY dentist told me there wasnt any decay as well!!!!!
but the only different part is the outcome la: he gave me this mouthwash... then ask me to go back and see him 3 days later.. for teeth scaling , hehehe :)

Anonymous said...

ooo... forgot to let you know....
ning wrote that heheh

WenYi said...

hehe^^ ning^^ so glad u dropped by^^
my dentist said that scaling isn't necessary because it's just a "primary lesion" and that since my rate of teeth decay isn't that fast, no need to do scaling first..hahhaa..maybe he's lazy..hahah

york said...

the blue is nice ..leave so like the header also..did urself?i mean the pic in the header...

wen chin said...

he asked u to extract all your wisdom teeth?? walau.. haha
no need gua, you'll go crazy with the pain.

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