Saturday, May 10, 2008

i heart carrots~

Me love carrots~
As you've seen my previous post, carrots hijacked my laptop and did some blogging of his own. *bad carrots! LOL* Anyways, this few days, peas hasn't been studying seriously and is out more often than not. For instance, peas went out with carrots for lunch yesterday, and tried seafood bah kut teh~ seafood bah kut teh???? Got Meh???

That was exactly what I wondered too. Thus carrots and peas decided to pay that shop a visit to savour THE seafood bak kut teh.

Ingredients: 4-6 large prawns, small chunks of squids and lots of fishballs plus cili padi.
Verdict: The taste of the soup is the standard bah kut teh, with extra umpph due to the cilipadi, and the seafood which makes the soup taste..erm...seafood-ish? LOL~
Price: RM 21.50!!! (which is rather expensive! they didn't even put slices of fish in it *sobs*)
Conclusion: Peas and carrots shall never go there again. We paid a total bill of RM 38! Just for bah kut teh!!! (my most expensive meal of bah kut teh till date ;p)

RM 38.00 = RM 21.50 + RM 8.5o (for a single portion of "wet" bah kut teh) + RM 8 (for 3 large rice + 1 small rice + 2 chinese tea + 1 plate of "yau char kuey")

Later that evening, peas and carrots headed down to KL again, to watch the French Movie called Tell No One. We had sumptuous dinner at PastaMania in Pavillion, and guess what? Our meal of one pasta, and one small pizza, with garlic bread and a coke only costed us RM 33.50, which is cheaper than the Bah Kut Teh we had earlier!!! LOL~~
However, the pasta wasn't that filling, and so after a walking around Pavillion for awhile, we ended up in J.Co. LOL.yummy donuts and a cappuccino at J.Co.

Now, although our parents ALWAYS tell us not to PLAY with our food......
me and my big big mouth~

carrots, The King of Donuts!

Peas stuck in a "donut" ring~

Carrots getting eaten PacMan-style~~~ (pay back for putting me inside the donut ;p)

Peas and the cute "mushroom" >.<

After finishing ALL the 6 donuts, we headed off to watch our movie. Wanted to take a pic showing that our tickets were RM 0.00, but yea, 2m.p camera phone isn't that good ;p

GSC Pavillion has a really cool desing, and their seats are ALL so new ;p And there were loads of foreigners watching movie there as well. In fact, the cinema that peas and carrots went into, had only 88 seats. The cinema hall was about 80-90% filled up, and among those, were only 15 -20 Malaysians! The rest were foreigners!!! My first time being in cinema with a majority of non-malaysians!!! While carrots and I were waiting for the movie to start, we kept track of who came in, and we went

"another, and another "ang mo" many~" LOL~~~

The experience was brought to a greater level of "excitement" because at the of the movie, were scenes of a couple going for a swim in a lake. Well, it's a french movie, and the couple are married, the lady took of her dress and let it slide off, before we see her body, the person who was rolling the projector, used covered the lens, and all we saw was a black black screen.

The foreigners who were watching the movie, laughed so loudly. I guess they find the "censorship board" of Malaysia extremely funny. After awhile, the guy removed his hands, and we saw that the man in the movie was TOO taking off his clothes.

(more laughter)

Scene of guy swimming naked in lake.
(laughter subsides, as most of us were getting bored of the process.)

Thankfully the rest of movie didn't have any naked scenes, or else I would have been watching a a BLACK screen movie. LOL. Anyways, I think the guy who took care of the projector got bored towards the end, because at the very end, the movie showed the very first "lake scene" AGAIN with the naked guy running for awhile, with his you-know-what visible for a few mili-seconds. No naked girls though ;p

The whole experience, was truly unique. And after the movie, I'm sure a few of the foreigners will go back to where they came from, and tell their friends about the "wonderful" censorship board where we have people manually covering the lens of the projector. LOL~

On a side track, why is peas going out though her eos is near??
peas found out and confirmed with a number of people, that the marks for the coming end of semester exams (eos) are NOT included in the final honours' grading. Hahaha XD


renly said...

cheh, ur mouth not big oso..=P
btw, is our sem 4 n sem 5 marks counted in our final year? cuz tat study break i pula wil b goin out often..-_-"

WenYi said...

haha~ yup, sem 4 one subject- biopharmacy 3, sem 5 should be all lo ;p

how come u'll be going out often?? hehe^^

flowerspirit said...

not counted ar?? phew phew phew.
But I checked the student handbook, that green book they gave us at the start of our course and it says sem 3 contributes 10%.

K@ren said...

hey wen yi !
came across ur blog n find it interesting..ahahha
carrot n peas !
happy to c u put it tat way....
ya i dun tink sem3 contributes to ur final grading. sem5 contributes 10% sem6 10% n the rest is frm the final year... if i'm not mistaken..ahahah.. but if u aim for dean's list then every sem contributes..wahahahhaah

yaya u should have lotsa fun 1st now b4 sem4, sem5...hahaha cos i rmb the best holidays for me so far was after eos sem3..... but i'm sure u'l have no prob wif ur studies, smart gal !
take care ya~

york said...

try taking ur pic further then crop. or use macro mode.

Carrots. said...

z610i no macro, zoom only applicable for vga. haha.

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