Friday, May 16, 2008


Finally~ the holidays are here~~ whee^^ so happy~

Directly after my exams, I rushed back and packed all my stuff, left Vista around 12.30pm,
and took the train (both lrt and ktm) all the way back to Klang. Guess what time I arrived?

the ride back from Bukit Jalil to Klang took me 2.5hours????? can you believe it???
This is all thanks to KTM. I have complained in my blog several time regarding the poor services they provide (I think I really should write to the papers to complain about's about time, especially since it seems to be a hot topic in TheStar's metro section lately~ LOL~

And something extremely embarrassing happened on the ride back. I cried.
Why? I myself am not sure of what spurred my emotional outbreak, but I did. Meh..and I blame it on PMS again. (PMS stands for Pre/Present/Post Menstrual syndrome..thus making it applicable ANY time of the month!!! LOL~~)

Anyways, I was actually rushing back to Klang so that I can drive my mum and I all the way to LCCT to pick up my dad and my brothers who went for a trip in Thailand. Their arrival time was 2.45pm so I had intended to reach Klang around 2pm, and make it to the airport just on time.
However, due to my slow packing speed, and also the delay of the KTM, I couldn't.

Thus, I was left there feeling all miserable about myself, for not making it on time, worrying about how to make it on time, and when I told my mum that I wasn't able to make it on time, she had initially ask me to wait in KL central till she reaches home after going to LCCT. Maybe that was why I felt all miserable, and then I started crying, and all sorts of unwholesome thoughts came running into mind. Yup, a sudden whirl of sadness just took over.

Luckily my mum later on called to tell me that she'll wait for me, and thus I felt a little better. (Yes, I know I sound like a child, and it occurs to me now, that I am a child whenever I am with my parents. Meh. It's been some time since I cried. Suddenly I remember what one of my primary school teacher used to tell us when he would "rotan" us.
"Crying is good for the eyes. It cleanses it and thus you'll be able to see clearer."

LOL. Now that I think of it, I think crying does indeed does good for the eyes (except the part were your eyes get all swollen after crying). Haha...

Back to story, THE BLOODY KTM......
I feel tired talking about KTM already, everyone knows how BAD they are. Action speaks louder than words, and I think that KTM is the BEST living example of it. ROFL. Kononnya, cara yang paling cepat dan selesa untuk sampai ke destinasi anda.


Anonymous said...

u cry for what....pcos!!
we were in the lrt when we saw u running towards it.....u should have threw the bag at us.....b4 u miss the train ma...haha!!
-evil roomie-

Anonymous said...

ignore the evil milk maid..
i know the feeling.. taking ktm/lrt alone can provide some environment for someone to think alot.. den stimes, will jus think too much.. den together with some sad love songs.. the tears will jus be out of control..
but crying is not a crime.. tears are meant for gals, isnt it? =P

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