Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ironman and Nandos~

Hehe^^ Orang besi is the direct translation in Malay language for Ironman,
and as I have mentioned before, Malay language when translated directly, is usually a source of entertainment (especially to me).
I will always remember the day they translated embarrassment to kemaluan. Hahaha^^

Anyways, back to Ironman. The movie is GREAT^^ Hehe~ it's such a nice movie. It's something which reminded me of Transformers (only difference is that in Transformers you get a hot babe who showed off her sexy abs while in Ironman, you get erm..erm..oh ya, a sexy bare back! haha..) And I went with carrots to Times Square, and watched it in the IMAX cinema.

I need to do a little promotion for IMAX because I found it in such a miserable state. It's so kesian. Not many people were watching the show, although the tickets were only priced at RM11. Did you know that GSC raised their prices for Ironman? (you can click here to see the full price list)
Most cinemas do that every time a blockbuster hits the screens, so why not use that money to try out watching Ironman in IMAX? The cinema screen is super big! It's 5-storeys high, and has a 12 000 watt sound surround. You can read about IMAX and get the screening time for their movies, here.

Although to be honest, the large screen will need some getting used to. Due to the large screen, your eyes tend to find it hard to focus on the whole picture. But if you put that aside, you'll be well, watching and enjoying the movie, because the movie itself is great^^ And plus, if we as Malaysians do not support IMAX in Malaysia, and IF they decide to close down IMAX (choi~~ touch wood ;p) I'm sure people would complain on why Malaysia doesn't have an IMAX cinema, and many would just go OVERSEAS to experience an IMAX cinema. LOL ;p Also, they are currently throwing in a free small coke with every purchase of two tickets.

Nando's, honestly, is not about their chickens. It's about their sauce; garlic, hot and EXTRA hot peri sauce!! Yum^^ Though actually I can't that spice all that much. LOL~

See, a 2mp camera can take a decent photo like this. That was why I was spending many hours in the past few days, browsing through the net, searching for the best price of a camera phone. I pondered on the fact whether I should get a new phone, and cause myself a lot of unnecessary debates in my mind.

2mp camera phone....2mega pixel..... which brand??
sony ericsson k530?? or wait..k550i?? or Nokia 3500??
3G or no 3G?? wait, should I get a 3.2 mega pixel phone instead?
i want a camera phone so that I can take pictures anywhere and anytime...
and the price of the phone is cheap now...
(i'm not kidding, phone prices are seriously CHEAP now!! Go check online on Lowyat.net, click here. A k530 is only rm 455, a z610i is only rm 570)
but..do i really need it?? i'll be going over to Scotland soon...

In the end, I concluded that I should just get nothing. Save the money, save the time thinking about it. ROFL. But then again....2mp camera phone....
btw, I won another two movie tickets. It's for the GSC french film festival, and I am gonna go watch either the love story, Paris Jetaime OR a thriller called Tell No One. Hehe^^

p/s = there's actually an extra bit at the VERY end of Ironman. It's 30 seconds long, with Samuel L.Jackson making an appearance...hehe^^ this means that Ironman or Orang Besi will be in another movie!! woot~~go YouTube it in case you missed out on it ;p (cause the link I have has really bad quality...MEH)


ButterfliesForDinner said...

Nandos ftw. Btw, whose camera you used to take the pictures? So clearrr :P

Hafizah said...

Ironman was pretty great for me however. I dont think Gwyneth was the prefect candidate for his assistance...that's because she does not have the assistance kinda face. hahahahahah!! she looks too english rose.

but overall, it was a good movie. I'd give 3.75 out of 5.

weiluen said...

I am an Imax supporter! just that the cinema was never ever even have full and its pretty pathetic, need to go watch there more often...

WenYi said...

haha, yes, imax cinema is so pathetic, if one day it really closes down...it'll be such a waste.

haha.. english rose =) haha, she sure is...haha^^

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