Saturday, May 17, 2008


I've been sitting at home, browsing through the internet, looking at digital cameras (yup, instead of filling my little head with thoughts of buying a new handphone, I've opted to get a "real" camera instead.) LOL~

After reading reviews online, from various sources, and comparing their prices, I had initially wanted to get a CASIO exilim Z1080. Yes, I am aware that Casio isn't really famous for their cameras, but that doesn't matter, because according to the reviews I read, Casio is equally as good as the leading brands such as Canon and Sony. Plus, it's comparatively cheaper than the other brands!

This morning, when I saw advertisements of cheap digital cameras from Sony and Nikon, my resolution to get the Casio Exilim instantly dissipated. LOL~ Therefore, I shall do more research on those digital cameras which are on the advertisement ;p

Anyways, on another note, I've been feeling a teeny-wheeny lonely without carrots. He's all the way in Penang, and he's not coming back anytime soon. Well, it's training for the both of us, when I go over to Scotland next year. That is, IF I successfully PASS every single end of semester exam I have! LOL~

Talking about this Semester 3's exam, I can only give out a great big sigh.. I know I haven't been studying hard this semester, well, I did study, but I found out AFTER the exams, that my studying technique is WRONG not suitable for my exams. I didn't take much time to memorize the names of each drugs/hormones/probes/plasmids or anything related to the subject. I only read everything so that I get a picture of what happens. Thus, when during the exam. Most of the names (which are EXTREMELY important) were forgotten = = So, during exam, when my brain is out of juice to answer the questions, I would dutifully sit down with the calculator - calculating the minimum marks I need to pass the paper. LOL~ Thankfully, I think I'll be able to pass them, but scoring them would be highly unlikely (provided my calculations are correct, if not I'll be sitting the darn papers again and waste a few hundred ringgit along the process).

It was after the exam, that I realised that I actually had lots of time to do a through read and memorize all the facts i.e eating up the whole module guide (which my roomie is extremely good at, her marks are always "passing with exceptionally good flying colours" while flying colours what-so-ever, it's just a pass lah~) Yup, I do believe that I can score well, IF I willed myself to do so. It's all in the mind.

BUT as you can see from my previous posts before the exam, I already had the mentality that passing is sufficient. Sadly, when I was back in Vista revising with my housemates, I got greedy and wanted more than just a standard pass-lah. Yup. My wrong for causing myself the stress. Oh well, the exam is over, and I guess I have nothing to complain except for the fact that I have made a resolution that I shall start studying earlier next semester.

So, my resolution for next semester:
1. I shall NOT fall asleep in lectures.
2. I shall start revising earlier.

I guess my house mates are snickering at me, saying that number 1 is highly impossible to achieve. LOL.
Anyways, to my beloved house mates and roomie, enjoy your holidays k?
Purple cruise isn't feeling well..take care dear (hope you'll get well soon, so that you can go out and enjoy this holidays).
Cucu is going off for a vacation with her parents, and her study break is packed with activities, so I'm sure she'll find that time passes really fast.
The baby of the house is off hundreds and thousands and miles away, and I'm sure she'll be enjoying every bit of her holiday^^
While the owner of the Green laptop, I guess she'll be busy with her *ahem* too. Hehe^^

Btw, the fish died = = I think the water in Vista is more suitable for the fish, either that, or the fish must have got the shock of it's life when I drove it all the way back to Klang. LOL~


devi said...

purplecruise is feeling much better

she went to seremban ytdy and had good siew she's up and going now!

and GREAT! u killed the fish...and I thought it was a smart one..can't even handle a drive back..maybe that's because it lacked exposure to the outside world..u should have brought it walking when it was at home..wait..brought it swimming

WenYi said...

haha, LOL, devi, u're soooo evil...well, the fish died, what to do.... ;p

Anonymous said...

oh no.. the fish dead.. i kinda liked it.. bcs it was the only living thing (i like, minus all the mosquitoes, ants and lizards) in vista when i went back during the 3rd week of study break.. it gave me a bit of happiness when i changed water and fed it.. and i talked to it.. =P
sigh.. may it rest in peace.. amithaba..

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