Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The research that I do....

Yes, let us all talk about the research that Peas does during her holidays, and what she has found out so far. She was never really interested in online forums, till the day she got introduced to Lowyat.net.

Peas had only intended to look for a cheap mobile phone to buy, but the more she lingered on the website, the deeper she got herself tangled in the invisible threads of the forum. After the first day, Peas was stuck in Lowyat's - Stuff for ladies section - forever I mean temporarily, it's like a phase I go through every now and then, last time I remember, I was hooked on some worm game, and then it was o2jam, then HumanPets.. (I suddenly realize that the internet is a bad bad place.. LOL... too much addiction going around)

Anyways, to share what Peas found out from Lowyat's amazing forum (and I've only visited one tiny section of the forum, apparently their Kopitiam section has loads of juicy news, but heck, I don't have the time to do so, I'm stuck with Prison Break right now, and that itself is another story. LOL^^) I've found...

1. Cheap online clothings from Taiwan.
There are MANY MANY people selling clothes from Taiwan and Korea online, and some have even started their own blogs, and website just to cater to this growing trend. As the story goes, Peas went around, browsing through MANY of these people, and Peas found THIS. (the cheapest seller which she could fine online) And this particular seller has a wide array of clothes to choose from, she has many albums in her Picasa Account (click here to see the albums). Though many of the pictures are showing the SAME design, at least you'll get a better picture of what u're interested in from all angles, and also a cute model to look at..LOL~

2. Cheap handphones
Peas found a few sellers with what she saw has the lowest price, and this is the FIRST seller,
this is the SECOND seller,
and this the THIRD seller.

3. Cheap digital cameras.
Peas didn't find this in Lowyat.net. I did bump into a few sellers with low prices in Lowyat's forum, but then I did further research, and bumped into Lelong.com where I found Miyamondo.com. It has, by far, the lowest price for digital camera that I have seen.

4. Cheap coloured contact lens.
Haha..Peas have always wanted to get coloured contact lenses, because she thinks it's really nice. She has seen girls with brown lenses, and she think it's absolutely beautiful. Thus, a desire to own a pair of her own started brewing since then. Finally, Peas found a cheap source on Lowyat.net. LOL. It's only rm70 per pair, and each pair can be of different power (without astig) and each pair is able to last ONE year (at least so they claim.) When Peas told Cucu about her plans, she told peas that there are rumours that coloured contact lenses aren't proven to be safe, or something like that. Peas was shocked, and did some more research on the manufacturer's of the Geo Angel Contact lenses she wanted to buy, and found out that the manufacturer is a Korean company called GeoMedical. Though Peas can't read korean, once she saw the FDA and ISO certificate logo on their website (she sighed with relief). ROFL...

So, that is all that peas have found out from her "researches". Peas does not encourage people to buy online (although she has purchased a mask from a seller in Lowyat, and has already paid for her coloured contact lenses ;p) simply because buying online, she learned, can be very addictive because you don't see the money going out. LOL~


dayah mizan said...

Muahaha....velcome to lowyat forum wendy......

WenYi said...

haha^^ rupa rupanya dayah is also a full time member there eh? kekeke^^

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