Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back from NoGAPS~

Okay, I'm back from NoGAPS!!!
Whee~ There was internet connection in the IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia) where NoGAPS was held, but unfortunately I didn't much chance to fully utilize it =(

Anyways, I'm going to be a little busy these few days preparing for a buddhist camp which IMU's buddhist society will be organising in July. So, I shall have a short quickie on NoGAPS.

I took almost 1gb worth of pictures..= =more than 250 pictures and a few videos. *sigh* Of course, i'm not in all the pictures, I helped others take their pictures as well, so that explains for the excess amount of pictures^^ hehe^^

Okies, here's some pictures before I go back to uni for my English placement test *sigh*

DAY 1:
Peas on the bus on the way to Kuantan~

selamat datang ke kuantan~

ice breaking session
We played at one of the beaches in Kuantan, and most of us got really dirty. Especially me, I got shot with a mixture of flour and water several times!!! (pic from left to right: dayah, ainul, chinyeong, nana, and me)

poor me and my broken sandal.

IMU students @ NoGAPS~

the view taken from chinyeong's room~ nice ain't it~ (actually it's only because i'm a good photographer ;p)

me and ainul during the opening ceremony on the night of day 1. ( I know my hair is messy, but I didn't know it when I took the pic la~)

DAY 2:

I forgot to take my picture of me in the baju kurung for that day *sigh*
Anyways, the main activity during day 2 was PharmRace! It's a kinda like amazing race and explorace, where we had to run around almost the entire Kuantan town while doing tasks.

my group: Group F before the race started. The orange shirt is for all the participants, and it reminded me of the red long sleeved shirt I got in INTEC as well. LOL...Tutup aurat ma~

Group F after completing the race! We got the fourth group for the race! hehe^^ (there were 10 groups in total during the camp, so yea, we're the top 5~ *bangga nya~*)

Day 3:

Community Service @ Kuantan Parade
Well, it's not really a community service, all we did was a health awareness campaign. There were several booths, which included drug awareness booth, family planning, free bmi measurement and blood screening booths, anti-smoking booths, and herbs & supplements booth (my booth, which I think it's the most un-exciting booth to be at) a view of the booths we had taken from the first floor..

being bored, I went to another booth (the anti-smoking booth) where they gave out balloons to children. I went there and picked up a new skill!!! Balloon art!!! So there's the picture of me folding the balloon with such concentration *ahem* ;p
my initial yellow balloon was a poodle~ (the blue one isn't made by me though...)

I then transformed the yellow poodle, to a yellow bear ^^

not only that, bored Peas also went around Kuantan Parade where she bumped into a Kempen Keselamatan Jalan Raya. There, she hopped on a BOMBA motorcycle and took this picture~ LOL~ I didn't know that the fire brigade has a mobile motorbike.

A group picture of almost all the participants of NoGAPS^^

then at night, we had the cultural night where each group had to perform. After the whole event, IMU people decided to cam-whore summore~ haha^^

DAY 4: The last day

Photo taking session of all the groups~ Group F again^^

Peas and the green green tress around in IIUM. (I know my body's posture looks weird, thus I conclude that I can't pose ;p)

During the evening, we headed off to a Batik outlet before stopping at De Rhu Resort for our grand closing dinner.

the four girls, and our "masterpiece" (from left to right: Ai Xin, Arafa, Chin Yeong and I)

Chin yeong and I at De Rhu Resort, we purposely took from this angle. Peas came out with the idea^^ The initial first trial shot's model was Siva~ haha^^ here he is.

Siva, looking at his best. LOL ;p

Then peas and the rest headed to the beach, where peas experimented with her camera again, and took this shot.
Chin yeong @ the beach with the full moon shining above her.

Hehe^^ Peas liked the angle of the picture and ask someone to help her take her shot...but it ended up like this....

blurry, with a goal post and a half full moon *sobs*

Anyways, the dinner was rather yummy, and peas will end the post with this picture~


Hafizah said...

u look bloody cute in kurung and that selendang. ;)

WenYi said...

haha^^ thanks dear, i actually think i look weird..haha..

york said...

how come in the background some ppl dint wear the scarves? look cute though :P

ice_shin said...

hello, sorry for the photo..but anyway, the sky is getting darker..so the picture is darker..(reason though) ..about the half moon..hehe...paiseh...

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