Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week 1 of Semester 4

LoL, about the NoGAPS picture of me in a scarf; it's not compulsory for non-muslims like me to wear the scarf (though initially they had stated in the reminder list that non-muslims were required to wear it -.-'')

Yup, so I didn't have to wear the scarf, in fact I didn't wear it at all. The only time I wore it was during the first day as Tracie (a Bpharm girl) intentionally bought a scarf for the camp. In order not to waste the money, she decided to wear it during day 1. So, being good IMU-ians, most of the chinese girls from IMU decided to follow suit, and take pictures of ourselves as memory. LOL ;p

Well, to be honest, the organisers weren't strict about the dress code. There were no "mak-guard" or "pak-guard" to stop and issue us a saman or warning letter. So you could still see a few non-muslim girls with knee-length skirts and dresses, and nice high heels. Most of the IMU girls followed the so-called-law, and dressed up in long pants, AND long sleeves, AND covered shoes, most of the time. Hehe^^ (Prof Peter would be so proud to hear this! LOL~ rule abiding IMU students. Hehe^^)

Okies, now to talk about my first week back in IMU as a semester 4 student.

point 1: I didn't feel like I was in Semester 4.

Yup, you heard me right, after 1 and a half year in IMU, I still felt like a newbie, as I honestly think I have no skills what-so-ever right now, to be called a pharmacy student. In fact, after attending NoGAPS, I found out that the Mpharm syllabus is slightly "late" compared to the syllabus in other universities. As in, most 2nd year students in public universities have already learned a thing or two about the rules and regulations of a pharmacist, etc. While I've only learned the basic things in science and physiology -.-''. Yes, I felt incompetent. LOL~

Then again, I shouldn't blame the syllabus all that much right? After all, I don't do extra reading. Maybe my other batch mates have done their extra reading...Maybe they're all well prepared as they have built solid foundation after the 3 semesters in IMU. Well, maybe it's all of the above as my semester 3 results clearly reflect the knowledge I've memorized and stored for the 1 week of exam i.e what's left of those knowledge has completely vanished to thin air by the time my exam ended. LOL~

point 2: The first week of sem 4 has been some-what relaxing =)

I think I went out several times during the first week. Lemme recall.

Monday night = Grocery shopping at carrefour, endah parade.
It was then, that my housemates and I were hit by the fact that the cost of living in Malaysia has gone up like hell. *sigh* We're supposedly an agriculture country, but look at the price of rice.*double sigh* It's so darn expensive that even the price of Nasi Lemak biasa went up to rm1.50. Meh~~~~ I long for RM 0.70 nasi lemak wait, that was almost 6 years ago when I was back in secondary school...*sighhh...*

Tuesday night = a night at home, sorting out the notes my seniorS gave me for semester 4.
I had a huge pile of notes. One set from Anson (ning's bf) and one set from Karen (a sweet senior of mine) and one set from Kevin (my own mentor). Well, one obvious fact after I sorted out the notes were. >>>>> Girls are more organized than boys. Karen's notes were nicely sorted out for me, while the notes from Anson and Kevin were amazingly UNorganized. LOL~

Wednesday night = went out to pasar malam with renly and KT and his friends, and met ah mei^^ It's been a long long time since I had desserts~ So, Renly and I indulged in....

RM 3.50 for the mango flavoured -ice, while RM 4.00 for the one with Kiwi~

Thursday : Went to Midvalley to meet up with Anjanna who came back from Ireland~ Ate at chillies~
Chin Yeong & Poh Yee~

sweet Devi dear~

cute ser yiing~

Renly and I~ (I realised that my head plus my hair looks bigger than my waist -.-'')

Then, later that night, we went out with Kirk, and Kirk-smarty-pants locked his car keys inside the car, along with his spare keys. Thus, after trying to unlock the car with a hangar with no avail, we called a locksmith, who came in an Avanza and a bag of tools. He took out something which looked like a stainless steel long ruler, slided it through the window, and within 30s, the doors were opened. RM 60 went into his hands, and off he went in his Avanza, leaving us and Kirk who just lost his cash, dumbfounded. LOL~

See how packed my first week in Semester 4 was?? hahaha~ I'm just joking.
I seriously need to mark up on my studies, before I fail any of my subjects. (keeping my fingers crossed that I won't)

btw, both my bros got accepted into UMS (University Malaysia Sabah). Thus, they'll be flying off next week.


renly said...

yes mummy. I told u already ur waist is small!! don wan believe me la..

WenYi said...

haha^^ i just realised ma~~ hehe^^

youzhuan said...

oh my,i feel like that too, i mean i dont feel like i m in sem 4 at all...

WenYi said...

haha...i think many are like tat, we're lost. lost somewhere in between alevels and ermm..a levels?? haha...

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