Monday, June 09, 2008


I went out with my ex-colleague, Jacq and her friend Adrena, for shopping @ Jusco, Bukit Tinggi (that was my third time going to Jusco within the past 4 days. LOL~) Well, Jusco is barely even more than 10 minutes away from my house. Places like Midvalley, or Times Square is way tooo far from Klang, and the petrol hike only made them EVEN further!!!

Anyways, we had lunch @ Dome, and it was my first time having a meal there.
Verdict: The food was Great^^

I had this - Erm..the dish had a fancy name, which I forgot *sigh* but yeah, it's seafood carbonara.
The portion is large!! See the three mussels there? Hehe^^ and look at the amount of creamy sauce^^ It was yummy~~

This is the beef lasagna!

The catch of the day - dory fish fillet with butter rice~

And coincidently, I had an sms-voucher from maxis which enabled me to purchase any regular coffee drink for only RM3~ Coffee Latte~ RM3!!!

Cafe Mocha~ Also RM 3^^ hehe^^

Hehe, so that was the yummy food I had with Jacq and Adrena^^
Btw, noticed the lack of my own pictures lately? *sigh* To be really honest, I am having a severe acne outbreak right now *double sigh* Thus explaining the lack of my own pictures. I have went to see a skin specialist, but the medication needs time, like a few weeks (6-8weeks) before the effects can be seen = = and worse still, it's making my skin "purge" out the oil for the initial 1 week of usage.

I also think that the outbreak might be caused by my hormone problems. Yea, I may have hormone problems, remember me saying that I have PCOS?

What's PCOS?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome lah~ go google it.
As I have mentioned, the symptoms of PCOS includes
- obesity
- acne
-hormonal imbalance

Yea, I do sound bitter, but I am trying hard to cope with it. The emotional problems of a person who has acne can be...erm...hard to cope with. This is the second time I had such a severe skin problem, the last time was in 2004, right after my national service stint, where my period went missing in action for 3 months plus. This time around my period went MIA for almost 4 months, so yea, I am imagining to myself that my body is trying to purge out all the toxins *sigh*

Previously, if anyone complains to me about their ONE and only pimple on their face, I would get cheesed off. I still do get pissed off when people complain about a pimple, when their skin is almost flawless, but I understand that people love to complain, so at least I won't take it to myself personally.

Last time (I mean a few years ago in 2004) I would cry myself to sleep while thinking of my pimples, and comparing myself to the others who have flawless skin around me. I made myself miserable. So, this time, I vow to myself to not let acne affect me! Go peas~ you can do it^^ (so try not to mention my skin problem in front of me all of a sudden, if I am not prepared for it, I may just breakdown. LOL ;p)


flowerspirit said...

totally understood. :)
go wenyi!
and dome's coffee quite cheap eh..

WenYi said...

thanks dear^^ yup, it's because of the maxis sms voucher^^

youzhuan said...

rm goodness...
envy nya, sp dun have dome...

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