Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kung Fu Panda~

Yeah, I watched Kung Fu Panda last Friday, when it was released internationally on the 6th of June 2008^^ LOL~ Considering that Malaysia is towards the eastern side of the world, I may be one of the first few hundreds or thousands in the world to catch the movie in cinema!!
Yup, I tengah syiok sendiri with my wild imagination! LOL ;p too much of panda-disease I guess (watch the movie, you'll get what I mean *wink* the delusional panda-disease! hahaha^^)

Anyways, the movie was a bucket full of laughter! Sadly the happy movie is rather short, with a running time of only 92 minutes. And considering the fact that not many people stayed back to watch the credits roll, we only got less than 1 and a half hour worth of good-time. *sigh*

Apparently Jackie Chan is the voice of the monkey. BUT, I didn't realise it throughout the WHOLE movie, because of the minimal lines the monkey had. ROFL~
Lucy Liu and Angelina Jolie's voice were also in there, along with Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman. Unfortunately, I think my hearing is pretty bad. I couldn't tell whose voices were used, until I went back home and check. LOL~

Well, as a conclusion, go panda go~ LOL^^ I mean..Go Po~~~ (Po's the name of the panda^^)

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