Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Hulk 2~~

THANK YOU chin yeong for asking Kirk (a crazy and whacky friend from Incovar) out!

Hehe^^ why am I soooo thankful???

Because we (both chin yeong and I) got free passes to catch The Hulk 2's screening premier @ Cineleisure!! Whee^^ *happy and excited*

Anyways, we also meet up with Loh (also another whacky friend from Incovar), and the four of us had a great time^^

Okies, back to The Hulk~~~

Wakaka~ Let's see some pictures of the free passes we got,
Cool eh?? Hehe^^ (Do note the Hall Number?? The WHOLE Cineleisure was used for the premier screening of the Movie!! LOL~ Thank goodness I didn't enter the wrong hall ;p)

Happy me with the pass^^ (ya, my leg was on the seat of the car, sorry kirk but my legs are clean ;p)
Chinyeong with her pass^^ *so sweet*

Once we reached Cineleisure, Cy and I headed of to have our meal at a place with cool retro stuff hanging on their walls.
Then, the food came. We had....
This >> errr...(I forgot the fancy name, again!!! *sigh* but it was chicken breast grilled to perfection with herbs, and with creamy cheese and mashed potatoes~ Yummy^^)
Then, our dessert^^ *Nyam* Friday's is the best!! (oh shoot, I realised I forgot to take back the receipt~~~ Gyahhhh...... I keep forgetting to keep the receipt so that I can get a discount on my next visit *sigh*)

Anyways, The Hulk is INTERESTING~

In this second installment of the movie, they explained a lot of things which were unanswered in the first movie. I remember in the first movie, I would be wondering to myself, how come Hulk's pants doesn't tear apart when he transforms? How come the shirt doesn't tear apart?? (well yea, it's obscene to show a guy's-you-know-what around in a fighting scene *ewwww*)

Well, it's answered in this second movie. Hulk got super-stretchable pants! (but forgot to get super stretchable shirt;p Then again, you must show some muscles to scare the enemy! Hahahaha^^)

And, in this movie, Liv Tyler gets a personal scene with the Hulk, where the Hulk goes,
"I can't do this. I can't get too excited."

LOL~ Go watch the movie for yourself before you set your imagination wild on fire ;p

Also, in this movie, you'll get loads of cool action scenes where you'll see:

1. Uber cool movements of a human diaphragm. (what's a diaphragm?? Go watch the movie, Hulk's anger management-sifu will show you! Hehe^^)

2. Hulk says: "Hulk, stomp!"

3. Hulk claps his hands and a super-strong-wind blows away ALL the fire! (like Monkey's God super big fan ;p)

4. Liv Tyler in a white blouse which gets wet???? (ermm...I couldn't think of another one ;p)

5. Tony Stark appears in the movie!!!! Who is Tony Stark???
Ironman lah~~ So cool^^ I love Tony Stark^^ (sorry carrots, peas like ironman ;p)

Although the cinema hall which I entered had some minor problems during the first 30 minutes of the movie, I greatly enjoyed myself^^

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renly said...

u didn't take the receipt AGAIN??!!!! arghhh...

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