Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, I am currently at a camp for pharmacy students around Malaysia, called NoGAPS. It's held in Kuantan, and yes meaning that I will be at Kuantan when this post is posted. (Thank you Angeline for teaching me that Blogger does allow scheduled posts^^ Arigatou~~)

Anyways, I wanted to tell you all to brace for pictures of me in a selendang (Head scarf)^^ Yes, you read right. I have to wear a Headscarf~~~
(Pictures will only be shown if my skin condition is getting better, and IF I feel comfortable uploading them ;p *pray hard so pea's skin gets better*)

Well, my initial reaction when I found out that non-muslims had to wear head scarfs within the campus was...

"what the??????"

Simply because I wasn't ready for a place that's MUCH more strict compared to INTEC!!
During INTEC days, I had to wear baju kurung every Mondays and Fridays!

BUT now, I am going to wear baju kurung for all the 4 days (because I don't have many long sleeved formal shirts, and I am lazy to bring an iron to iron them. My mum's baju kurung doesn't really need to be ironed ;p)

However, the problem is, we have to wear covered shoes in campus. No sandals or sport shoes. And I don't like the covered shoe which I use for lab sessions, so I borrowed Pohyee's sandals instead ;p

Then, we had to wear head scarfs = = Thank goodness my mum has several scarfs, if not..I'll be one sad girl ;p

Plus, I had to bring a LOT of clothes. Because they have different activities which require different clothes. And I honestly dislike travelling with a lot of clothes. I like travelling light. *sigh*

Well, if you're interested to see what are the stuff which we (the participants of NoGAPS) were supposed to bring, go see their website>> HERE.

And here's a sneak peak of what is written there.

" FORMAL (Female)
  • Baju kurung/ kebarung.
  • Long sleeved blouse and blazer are allowed.
  • Long skirt or slacks.
  • Scarf or shawl or any head cover (compulsory to be worn within the campus area).
  • Stokings and covered shoes (no sport shoes/ sandals).
So, what's your say?? How would you have reacted to this?? hehe^^


Melayu-Kurung said...

oooii....pasti cantik... i like to see chinese girl wearing baju kurung because they looks very appealing on baju kurung.

chinese girl on baju kurung + headscarf, i jarang nampak but i guess will be even more appealing. I hope you will enjoy wearing the baju kurung and tudung.

Don't forget to post your beautiful photos here.

lynnx01 said...

Hey Wen Yi!! I saw you in uni today, wanted to catch up with you, but you seemed busy in the SRC room. Anyway, what camp did you go? Goodness! Can't imagine lah..

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