Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oh...Nuffnang is back...LOL

For the past week, I realized that my nuffnang ad disappeared. My initial thought was that Nuffnang removed themselves because my blog didn't get enough visitors. *disappointed and sad* But I didn't bother about it, till today something hit me.

Nuffnang ads disappeared ever since I changed my template! *silly me*
So I diligently copied and paste the codes again, and ta-daa~~ Nuffnang is back in my blog^^ LOL~

"What's so good about having Nuffnang on your blog? You're making big bucks ke??"

Nope. Peas isn't making money *sigh* To be honest, I've only got 75cents in the darn Nuffnang account, which is barely enough to buy anything! (other than a 50cent sundae cone from McD which is only available on every 1st day of the month *sigh again*)

BUT, I love the features that Nuffnang provide^^ I get to see how many people visit my blog each day, and I get the details on which country they came from, how they connected to my blog, and to me, I find such joy in knowing such things. It amuses me. (weird? well..maybe I am just a little weird in my own way ;p)

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zephyr said...

hey wen yi! i just stumbled upon your block. suddenly i remembered we are from the same sorority lol. "sorority" lor!! KLANG! hahha. its hamsath here. how u been. remember me anot. since good ole intec days. ur blogpage is really interesting. ill read it all after my exams eh. huggie wuggie. love, hamsath!

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