Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Peas have been...

1. going out with carrots for the past few days, where I watched Hulk again. hehe..

2. played an online game, introduced by poh yee, and managed to get quite a high score! *soooo happy^^* btw, it's a game in facebook called word challenge, and it's really cool.
I've played it every morning since I found out about it, and I think it stimulates brain cells.
Why do I say so??

Simply because I didn't fall asleep in todays' lecture! LOL ;p

3. I watched the video called "charlie the unicorn 2" AGAIN~~
It's an extremely mind-blowing video, that can make me laugh at it's lame-ness, and it's funny jokes, and the sound-actors! I like the way the unicorns go


Plus, this video has 4 million plus views to date!! So believe me, I'm not the only one liking a video with talking unicorns that can ride on a giant sneaker while being a banana-king.

watch it!!! LOL~
btw, there's a giant laser-shooting "z" in the video, where the unicorns start talking in spanish, here's the translation (taken from one of the comments)

blue:the man of the hat sent us
pink:he told us many amazing stories
pink:we will dine in turtles tonight
blue:they taste good right zee? *laser*
white:ahh what did you two do!?
blue: I am happy

1 comment:

ButterfliesForDinner said...

Charlieeeeee.... you're the bonana king charlieeee...

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