Sunday, July 06, 2008

Genting Trip~~

Yup, Peas went to Genting for the weekend, but I only stayed in First World hotel for the first night i.e Friday night. So where did I spend the other night?

Well, Peas went for a leadership camp organised by IMU! Yup, I took the initiative to attend the camp to learn more about leadership skills....(yea right ;p)
Truthfully speaking, I only went for the camp because IMU only charged us RM10 for the trip!!! Haha..yup, IMU sponsored a lot of the camp!!!!! Anyways the camp was 1 and a half day, from Saturday noon till Sunday evening.

BUT, before I talk more on the camp, I will have to talk about the bus which Renly, Cucu, Poe, and I took up to Genting on Friday afternoon. The four of us decided to go up Genting earlier to enjoy the once-cooling-air of Genting while entering the casino to have a look, but not gamble..hehe..

The bus we took departed from Titiwangsa. Yes, although we know that there's a GoGenting bus which departs from KL sentral everyday, but we decided not to go all the way down to KL central as we were utterly scared to bits to take ktm ;p (it's exaggerated but we just dislike taking ktm a LOT!)

Back to the was a bus, which shouldn't be on the road at ALL!!! To proof this, I shall show you some pictures.

Then to make matters worse, the bus went up the slope of Genting hill really REALLY slowly *sigh* It was a really tiring and long drive up. These kind of buses should really be banned off Malaysian roads!!!

Best of all, Genting isn't as cold as it used to be. It's either because of global warming, or my skin got used to the cold weather due to the cold environment in IMU ;p

Well, that night, we watched War of the Dragons. It was a short movie, which seemed like ages due to it's lack of story and lame-ness on how a girl can run away and away from a large "snake" time and time again!! The computerized dragons are fine, and the sound surround for the action scenes were good, but really...the movie lacked a solid story line. If not, it would have been much more enjoyable.

Anyways, back to the leadership camp.
We stayed at...

It's a relatively unknown place, which couldn't be found on the internet = =
And thus, we were expecting some run-down apartment.
BUT...this was where we stayed.

I am really happy with the accommodation and food provided. Plus toilets were plentiful. And the environment there is really serene.

We had a speaker who talked on the different personality traits of each individual. And I shall not talk more about that because I am supposed prepare for my lab session tmr *sweat betul*
However, he did show us two videos which I loved.

I showed it to Carrots, and he's watched it. (this indirectly means two things; 1. I am outdated on the popular videos on YouTube. 2. He watches too much YouTube videos. ;p)
But, I still shall share this video, in case you people as as "outdated" as I am..hehe^^
These two videos are really short, each less than 1 minute, and it's REALLY amusing^^ and btw, they're are ads for some of the biggest known companies in the world.

video of a dumb blonde

video of an "ang mo" monk in china~

ohya, and here's a picture of my group>> Group 5...with joanne missing in it though...

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