Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy birthday Poe~

Well, it's another one of those days, where everyone gets hyped up because one of their friends have aged another year, and we are all happy that they managed to gain that extra year, while secretly hoping that ours will never come so that we remain young. LOL~

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating. Hehe^^ but, nevertheless, it was indeed a day, where we all sing happy birthday, and throw surprises to our friends. And yesterday was one of those days. But this time around, the person we celebrated for, is someone close to me. Someone who has been with me for 4 years since 2004 when I first had her as my housemate in INTEC. Ever since then, our lives are on the same path, and it still will be at the same path for another 2 years to come.

Happy birthday Pohyee!!

Hehe..I know I am not the best of friends, but hey, I think that's the way I am. Hehe^^
So may you gain another year, as I too gain another year...soon...hehe...(but i'm still younger ;p)

Anyways, we the housemates, along with many MANY imu-rians decided to catch Batman: The dark knight in IMAX!!! hehe^^ it was only RM7 for the ticket (only on wednesdays) and it was SUPERB!!! The movie itself was great, and the larger screen was accompanied by good sound surround this time!!! hehe^^

As most IMU-rians love to take photos, we posed for this!!

After getting dinner at food & tea in times square, while getting the latest gossips of the class from mr-i-don't-gossip-siva, we headed back to vista and reached our apartment at 11.30pm, where a group of 20-30 ppl were waiting since 11pm. LOL^^ yup, the amount of patience we have is a really good thing!!! hehe^^

The housemates posed for pictures^^
baby helped to cut the cake while pohyee and cynthia served them..
maria helped out by counting down..with siva..erm...posing..LOL
while me, the mummy of the house took pictures...
little poe green (yes, it's a creative name for the green mushroom, as it's named by me...LOL) was fed by wen chin^^
and raj...hmm...he tried killing lil poe green...while pohyee...
okay, that's all for this update..I know i'm still behind the post for the buddhist camp..will update that once I get the pictures from the photographer, the pictures I have is only a limited amount..meh~


york said...

all the lovely girls in the pic..awww...

i clebrated my birthday alone...though ti sounded sad...i was travelling at 750 kph,37000 ft in the air heading to Africa:P

Anonymous said...



WenYi said...

LOL....i think the name i gave for the mushroom is cute!! hehe^^

to york, of coz the girls are lovely. rofl...

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