Saturday, July 26, 2008

Social marketing

I just saw the display picture of one of my seniors who got together with his long time friend before they flew over to Glasgow together. And it was so sweet.

They've been together for several months now, and I still remember my housemates and I going all hyped up when we saw their photo albums on Facebook. (yes, somehow IMU-rians love using Facebook. We upload photo albums on Facebook like nobody's business, and we continue to play not one, not two, but HEAPS of games on Facebook. In other words, we're Facebook-addicts. LOL^^)

Anyways, back to the sweet couple, some were shocked that the girl decided to get together with the guy. hehe..but I was happy to see them together. Why?? They've been best of friends for a long time, and they look so sweet together. haha^^ I'm serious! The girl has the sweetest smile ever, and the guy gives and equally sweet smile when they're together! hehe^^

Okay, that was random. LOL~

btw, Ning's back in Malaysia!! Hehe^^ hugs for ning ning!!


york said...

um..who are u marketin??lol

putla the pic..then we can all get diabetic over it :D

WenYi said...

hahahaha...LOL...don't wanna show u pretty girls, later u OD...rofl...

milochel said...

oh u talking about mei wen and ... errr... what's that guy's name ?

WenYi said...

LOL..nah..though mei wen and the other guy is a highly gossip-able couple ;p

it's chia horng and yen li~ hehe^^

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