Friday, July 11, 2008

Pos Laju...People...and PMS

THURS, had to be one of the saddest day of my life. (At least that was what I thought when THE incident happened to me..LOL)

To start off, as I am in-charge of printing t-shirts for the upcoming Buddhist Camp which IMU Buddhist Society is organising, I had contacted a printing company, and asked him to send me two samples of his shirt. But unfortunately, he was "too-busy" to leave the office as apparently without him there'll be no one to print the shirts (but I'm thinking it's the lack of staff to reduce costs) so he was unable to send me the shirts personally and had to send it to me using PosLaju.

Well, unfortunately, I had my responsibilities as a student to go for lectures and workshops, so when the package arrived, no one was at home to collect it. And there was the standard note to inform me that my package can be collected at the Pos Laju center at Cheras.
Now, the camp is only a mere 1 week away, and those shirts are just samples. AND to make matters worse, it's almost the end of the week and you knows how long the man-power-lacking fella needs to print all my shirts. Although I'm only printing 60 shirts, I was still worried that the guy may not be able to make it on time.

Thus, I panicked, got really cheesed-off and got so mad, that the internet connection went nutts when I wanted to Google to find where in the world the collection center is. Finally, after searching for several minutes, I guessed where the place is, as there was no map to show the direct location of the office, and left Vista.

I took the LRT all the way, alone, to Pandan Jaya. And from there, I walked for a good 20minutes or more (as I was way to pissed off to even look at the time), asked directions from several people, and arrived at the first post office, which was unfortunately the WRONG one. (well, apparently Post Malaysia and Pos Laju have been separated, so they have different operating offices now.) I saw this sign, but it still took me some time...I walked some more, and arrived at some secluded place where I finally found Jalan 12/91A.
Finally, I found Pos Laju Cheras.

It was a new center which was recently opened on 16th June 2008, which then explained why almost everyone I asked had no idea where the hell it was, untill I went to the WRONG post office. *sigh*

And the BEST thing was, I didn't get my package.

Yes. You read right.

I DID NOT get my darn package.

The guy who initially checked my package said,
"Oh...ini package hari ini ke?"

Me: Ya

Guy: Sorry la miss, package hari ini baru boleh collect esok. Belum sampai la.

Me: Ok.

Then I went out of the building, and felt all sad and miserable and lost, and so I cried. MEH~
Luckily carrots called, consoled me a bit, but unfortunately I was still half crying, and I guess I must have looked like hell when I went in again. This time the lady was the one who layan-ed me.

I told her to check again, as I saw several postman coming back to the center. She checked and said it's not back. Then continued about how many postMEN they have coming from some 50 or 60 centers and they she doesn't know when the postMEN will come back, and said

"Kalau awak nak tunggu awak boleh tunggu tapi saya tak tau pukul berapa mereka balik, mungkin pukul 7 ke 7.30. Tapi office kita tutup pukul 8. "

"Biasanya, package yang hantar hari ini baru boleh collect pada hari esok."

Well, it was true. I mean like it would be a miracle for the postman to deliver back today's parcel directly to the main office a.s.a.p. And I guess I was indeed too panicky.

BUT BUT BUT~ the postman was supposed to stamp in RED ink that I was to collect the package the next day, right?
In the office, they have a sample of what a standard notice should be. So I asked her,

"Jadi mengapa postman itu tidak chop statement tu kat notice saya?"

and she had the guts to say,
"munking mereka terlupa."

I was soo darn pissed off, and asked a kertas complain from her.
and she gave me a notepad. wtf.

I had insisted on waiting there the whole day till the center closed, if not for carrots, who told me that my safety back home was more worth it than waiting till 8pm. haha..

Well, when I went back home, Carrots helped me find a proper map of the place, and guess what? I actually walked a long distance..see the lines in red?
that's where I walked!!! From Pandan Jaya to PosLaju Cheras! And that's only one way! I walked myself back to the train station too!!!!
Anyways, yesterday (which is a Friday) I went with Carrots to collect the shirts from the PosLaju center, but this time, on car. Luckily I got the shirt, and the quality was okay.

Btw, something interesting happened when I was there. And it had to do with my piece of notice paper, again. *sigh* Apparently the postman had gotten the number of my parcel wrongly. wtf!!!!

The guy who was in-charge told his colleague he didn't know how the read the writting and couldn't manage to read the number of my item. Thankfully, his colleague went into the room and checked, and managed to find it! If not, I would have burst into flames. rofl.

Back to Thursday night, I had a gathering with some Incovarians who came to visit us girls from IMU. Haha...we went to dine @ Simply White, a cafe situated in Kuchai Lama. Will upload the pictures when I get them. hehe...

And PMS, PMS is due the fact that my period has finally arrived again!!! lalala...
So I am blaming my hormone imbalance, or the excess of it for my angry temper for the past few days. My housemates were scared, esp chin yeong. keke..sorry~~~


Anonymous said...

thanks for your map.
I just get the note from poslaju.
Luckly the postman got chop the red ink "Please collect on the next working day".

Anonymous said...

i was looking for a map to that freaking cheras pos laju. found it on your post, thanks.

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