Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ever since playing badminton on Sunday with ning and my friends, I've got:

1. A sore right arm.

2. Body aches.

3. Insufficient sleep.

Yesterday I drove all the way down to IMU frm Klang for the ball meeting.
While still in Klang, I pumped petrol for my dad's Gen2.

1. I didn't know how to position the nozzle.
It wouldn't auto-fill.
So, I stood there dumbly and decided to stop filling once it reached Rm 50.

2. Brilliant me knocked the curb while leaving the petrol station.
I estimated the distance wrongly,
turned right,


It sounded as if something broke.
I saw an ah pek turning to look at me,
with an expression which says,

"ah moi, you erti bawa kereta tak?"

I decided to leave the petrol station before further analyzing the damage,
just in case the pak cik comes over and ask,

"ah moi, nak i tolong?"

I opened my driver's door, and had a peek at the bottom.
Saw a few dents, and decided the damage wasn't that severe,
and drove on to IMU.

Upon reaching IMU, I stepped out the door and saw...


It cracked! Seriously!

Then I walked off, while sending an sms to my dad,

"Pa, I accidently knocked your car at the petrol station, and it got dented on the right side."

Ya. Dented was the term I used.

3. Meeting for IMU ball was fine.
Bad news is that I have to drive up IMU for another meeting,
this Saturday morning. *sweats*
Plus, I have to submit proposals for what I plan to do for publicity. Meh.
I typed it out and realised I didn't have much to do.

Unless you guys expect ME to be walking loud speaker which says,

"come to IMU ball 2009"

ALL the time 247. Then I'll be seriously busy. LOL.

Okay, maybe there's quite some amount of work to do,
but I'm going to put it all on hold till after my exams. LOL.

4. Study break.
One word.


I've been feeling sleepy all the time ever since Sunday's badminton.
I haven't had a workout for a LONG LONG time.
Swimming doesn't get my body as worn out as badminton.
Which explains the LONG time since I played the game.

Anyways, another reason is these few days before I sleep,
my mind would run wild with thoughts of IMU ball.

What theme?
What kind of deco?
What to wear?

and loads of crap which I don't even remember. *sweats*

I was reading about vitamins this morning.

Vitamin D is...

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone.

Then I realised,
rupa-rupanya the *blank* moments were moments where I fell asleep. wth.

I then decided to just go sleep.
Once I woke up, I decided that blogging is more rewarding than reading.
I am now relating this to the drug misuse lecture.

short-term pleasure of blogging vs long-term rewards of studying for semester 4 final exam.

short-term rewards attracts the individual more.
Making it harder for the individual to leave the unhealthy behaviour.

wth. I am literally going nuts over HP.
HP this time = Health Promotion.

unlike the last time where,
HP = Human Pets.

Anyways, although I may look happy while stuying,
it's actually because I was studying and got bored.
bored --> lazy individual --> individual decides to seek entertainment --> cam-whore.

There, that's how I ended up with a happy picture.
I took an unhappy picture,
but decided it looked like crap.

crappy me while studying isn't a nice picture.
it'll scrare the daylight out of anyone who sees it.
my friends who've seen my "afro hair" picture will know how creepy it is.


milochel said...

Oh gawd... that is NOT dented..

Your dad'll let you take the car out again on Saturday after that "dent"??


WenYi said...

yup..so not a dent..;p

nope, even i dont wanna drive his car, i'll drive my mum's iswara instead. ;p

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