Monday, September 01, 2008

more moolah spent~

I am kinda stressed right now.

I feel like I have insufficient time to study for my biopharmacy test next monday.
And the fact that I've been going out everyday since Thursday doesn't make matters better. *sweats*

Mana saya pergi?

Peas went karaoke-ing @ green box, bkt tinggi both today, and on saturday *sweats*
Then on Sunday night, I met up with an incovarian friend of mine who was posted to Klang's general hospital. So I went for a yum cha session with him.

Then when I came back to vista, I was welcomed by the fact that more "social" outings were scheduled throughout the week.

Renly's bf is back, along with the other friends who jz got back frm germany. Their spending time with us, is a good thing, but it means that Peas have less time to study.

I guess I am being kiasu. Yup. I am ;p

Anyways, after going for karaoke session with an ex-colleague of mine(and her friends), Carrots sent me back, and we "pit-stopped" at Pyramid for some Wendy's~ mana tau...
The chicken burger sucked big time.
The chicken was just bad. B-A-D~~
So never, NEVER order the chicken burgers~

And the potato with sour cream...err...let's just say it wasn't for my taste.
However, it's beefburger is okay. But i still like McDonalds~ hehe^^

other than the fact that i do not have much time to study, I felt very guilty for spending my moolah~ *wails* I wanted to buy a new foundation, but BUT, i felt so bad for spending money *sobs*

See, I bought a red swimsuit (coz my current one used for proper swimming i.e not the bikini, is getting loose..meh...)

I also got a new shampoo, coz it was cheap.

And I also got a black tube top because it was only rm7.

It doesn't sound like a lot of money, but added with the amount i used last felt like I was wasting my money. *sighes*

anyways, I had wanted to talk about carrots and his obsession with You-tube-ing for videos, reading the "kopitiam" gossip-forum on lowyat, and also his occasional dropping-by at other blogger's blog like xiaxue, and how he does not understand why she has fans. (which is actually a long long story which I refuse to talk about, because right now I am doing free publicity for xiaxue by mentioning her name in my blog *sweats*)

Thus, I shall sum carrots's obsession with the internet, and it's wonders with this picture.

Carrots: I feel incomplete without my laptop (connected to the internet) on. (I gotta have it-quoted from sarah jessica parker in her advertisement of her own perfume. *creepy betul*)

p.s: after writing this post, i feel relieved of my stress, so I shall now go play the big brain game so that my brain will grow, and hopefully a bigger brain will mean i need not study for my biopharm paper. LOL ;p

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ButterfliesForDinner said...

You speak truth! Hahaha.

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