Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gummi Bears~~

Whee...I've got gummi bears which flew across thousands of miles back to malaysia from Germany.

And, being bored while studying, I did this...Bow gummi bears, BOW!!!

Oh well, a little update on the Scrabble competition.
I was a substitute player.
And I played two games. One against Pharm B, and the other against M207.

I won the first one, lost the second one by 100 marks = =
And guess who my opponent was?





A state player back when he was in secondary school. *sweats*

Oh well, overall, my team (Pharm A) managed to get bronze!
So whee~~ here's a medal for me^^

Next event coming up is tmr~
Swimming relay 4 x 50 breast stroke..
wish me luck in my red swim suit! LOL~

And up on monday is my Biopharmacy 3 exam~~ *wails*

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