Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clothes clothes clothes

I've purchased 7 clothes online during my study break (4-5weeks ago).

And it arrived yesterday!!! Whee^^

It's a great relief to have received them as my mum kept saying that I got cheated by seller. LOL.
I don't wanna get cheated leh~
The 7 clothes costs around RM140 leh~

IF indeed I had gotten cheated,
I'll be bad-mouthing the seller online,
not only in my blog, but also in various forums. LOL~

Anyways, these few days have been..erm...tiring.

Tiring because my face is pimple-ridden, thus causing me to get stressed out whenever I look at the mirror. (yup, I nearly died pinching the zits while I tried on the just-arrived-clothings. *sweats*)

Tiring because I've been trying hard to design a blog for the IMU Ball, and I keep trying to make it nicer, and change it, but somehow I'm never satisfied.
I did contemplate on just directly using a skin from the internet without making any alterations, but my ego stood in the way. So there I was, making alterations to the skin.

I changed the colour, then I changed the header. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was lost staring at the html codes for the LONGEST time ever. *sweats*

I have a sore back right now. MEH~~~~


suemay said...

nope didn't buy it online :P
gimme links so can look see look see!

WenYi said...

link is

but minimum purchase is 10 pc,
and the pics do not really represent the actual item.

the items are more like imitations lo, so the quality isn't exactly that good. but for the price paid, it's ok lo..;p

youzhuan said...

i think i have that while dress on the right!!!!
how much was that?? and do they charge delivery fees?

youzhuan said...

white i mean

WenYi said...

haha...i got it for rm12, and there's no delivery charge. but u'll hv to wait about 4-5 weeks for the clothes to arrive.
and min purchase is 10 pcs.

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