Saturday, November 01, 2008

Skin Woes..wu wu wu~


As I've mentioned a few days ago, my skin got worse after the trip to Ipoh and Taiping.
And since it didn't get better, I decided to pay a visit to the skin specialist.

I've been visiting the same skin specialist since 2006, when I first decided to seek treatment for my pimple outbreak. My skin got better, but at times it gets worse again *sigh*

Anyways, I always disliked going to the skin specialist because:

1. It's quite expensive.

2. It's quite pricey. RM 158 leh~ and I only received 5 items, and 20tablets of antibiotics (I don't even know why he gave me antibiotics....LOL...I shall go google the drug later ;p)
3. I feel that it's not worth it. I could have purchased more clothes with that money *hehe*

In short, I am a patient with poor compliance. *LOL*
But one thing for sure, the cream - differin (adapalene) really works. *hehe*
But whenever I finish that tube, I will be too stubborn to head to the clinic to get more of it.

Anyways, I finally got to see carrots. He's been busy studying for his coming exams. Thus, we decided to go makan Bah Kut Teh!!!! Whee~~~

Eat Eat Eat....*note: my fringe is still short...MEH~~*

Carrots enjoying his Bah Kut Teh~~
Just in case you guys think that the piece of chicken drumstick, its NOT~
It's actually part of a pig's bone. ROFL.

I can still remember the time when my dad brought some relatives of mine, who were from HongKong to eat bah kut teh. They were soo happy.


Because they kept taking pictures with that big pig's bone,
because they kept saying it's so cheap, and worth-eating.

But that was 10 years ago, wayyyy back when I was still in primary school.
Now bah kut teh person in the same shop costs RM9..
RM9per person, not inclusive of rice.

And talking about rice, the IMU cafe is charging RM1 +++ for rice. *sigh*

So that make eating bah kut teh around RM12 per person. *double sigh*


renly said...

wahh, u just went to see specialist n ur skin clear so fast d ar?? i oso want the differin!

WenYi said...

haha...not so fast la..
needs time one.

my skin havent clear also.
i put foundation ma. LOL...

youzhuan said...

they gave you cetaphil as part of the regimen? hmm...

well, i totally understand, mine plus cleaser and cream and all cost about 400. very sakit.

but i feel one need to believe and motivated, hehe, i read taht placebo effect helps too!

WenYi said...

wat??? u went to see skin specialist for rm400???? so mahal???
but how many times u went? once only ar??

i went several times, so the total amount i spent there is more than rm400 dy *sigh*

flowerspirit said...

Yours is so exp Uzhuan!
I also go to a specialist in SP le.. khoo. he's good.
Wenyi jia you. :)

youzhuan said...

there's is this once i went, once is 400. coz she prescribed me with 3 month course of pill also. and cleanser, some gel, and sun screen (doc said NEVER leave home without sun screen) but i really dont like sun screen.
oh yea, i think in the 400, 100 is for a facial, well, not exactly la, something like facial.

yea, wen chin, koo is really famous among the locals, my sis and bro went there... u came from A/S to sp?

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