Friday, October 10, 2008



3 more days to E.O.S.

Meh. I AM starting to sound like a geek. All I ever talk about is my exam *sweats*
But hey, it's the semester where many fail and have to resit!
And I am not willing to spend that extra RM 600 just to resit! (is it 600 per subject?? I forgot)

Anyways, as usual, lazy peas haven't been studying hard. *sigh*
Temptations off the internet are unlimited especially since Peas found out about online stores and started visiting them. *sigh*

I shall be off for some charity dinner in K.E.C this Sunday.
Yup, one day before Pharmacy Practice 1 paper,
and yet I'm off attending it. (my mum bought tickets dy ma, don't waste right? hehe)

Peas will be back! After my exams^^


kappax2 said...

Wahhhh...very chilling day before PP1 go attend function somemore...

u can come here join us for halloweeen if you want...haha :P

Cheers~ good luck for exam yea :)
take care

cucu said...

it's 500, mum..

WenYi said...

hahaha...rm500 ar???
still money ma.. ;p

LOL~ i want halloween, but i've got no money to fly over to visit u all la kk..wanna sponsor me ;p

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