Monday, October 06, 2008

oh my gawd!

My primary school friend just sent me 4 pictures.

Those pictures were horrifying innocent pictures of me and my other primary schoolmates.

3 were okay (because I looked decent inside them ;p)

Then the final was just...



BAD *sigh*

Here's the first three, which I think is okay.
Try to guess which is me, if you can.
But I highly doubt you can cause the picture is rather small.
Hehe..if it were taken using the a digital camera, we could have zoom-ed in, right? hehe ;p

Here's one~
here's the second one..

here's the third one...

and here's the BAD one.

I think it's pretty obvious which is me. *sigh*
I carried THAT look ALLLLLL the way to secondary school.

Yup. Big bulky specs + Puffy hair +weird smile = Peas i mean wen yi.

Thus, I prefer to wear my contact lenses if possible.
I prefer to have long hair, as short hair enhances the volume and puffiness of my hair.
I prefer to erm.....I ran out of ideas ;p

Anyways, since I don't have many pictures of me in my primary school, I would like to thank the friend who sent my this.

So thanks York for sending me these pictures!!!

I shall upload more of my old pictures so that I see how much I've changed.
But that'll have to wait till after my exams!!!
EOS is another week away!! *Go peas*

And good luck to my other batch mates as well!! Ganbatte kudasai~~~


york said...

o the fact u werent in my class till standard 4?5? i dint have many. haha...we all looked diff...lolz u carried those cotton type handkerchief rite??

the kevin ng said...

batu tiga rocks!!!!!!!

WenYi said...

haha...omg..the kevin ng..LOL...

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