Thursday, October 16, 2008


Finally done with 4 papers for semester 4 in IMU.

Finally done with the afternoons where I come back and have to start studying for the next day.

Finally done with trying to memorize all the drugs which in the end I forgot anyways.

Now it's time to chill.

I got back from uni after the paper,
watch Mirrors which I downloaded during the study break.
The movie is nice.
It's got gore right at the start.
Spooky scenes to scare you out of your pants.
A good pace, a good horror movie story,
So it's all good ^^
Do watch it if you're a fan of those japanese or korean horror movies =)

Gonna head out to catch Max Payne on the screens soon =)

Btw, just wanna share this "story" about Max Payne.

It was a few years back, when I was still in INTEC.
That time, some of my guy friends were playing the game,
and always said " Come lo, max payne"

And when I asked him, he told me to ask pohyee.
This was what poh yee told me,

"Maximum Pain lah~ Porn lah~"

And, I believed her. 101%.

Yup. I am gullible, and still am. ;p

Anyways, I still remember it till today!!!!
And I'm keeping this down,
For the days when I bored or old. Haha...


Anonymous said...

max payne is max payne....
they were watching another porn titled maximum pain at the same time cannot meh?


Peas said...

i shall go google and see whether there's a porn called maximum pain. LOL~~~

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