Saturday, October 18, 2008


I am soo tired.

Dead tired. LOL.

Went to Low Yat on Friday morning with the girls,
along with Brendan, Alvin, Chun Kang and Jason Kam.
All of us went to Red Box and sang for 3 hours,
while Chun Kang and Jason Kam went "shopping".

Then, Peas, Renly and Cucu got ourselves a 320GB external hardisk each.
All three of us got this!
And it came along with a thin piece of "casing".
Then later on we headed to Sungai Wang,
where I got myself a pair of heels,
and a blouse.
Yup, retail therapy to cure the accumulated stress from the exams^^

Then later on that night,
we girls headed to Republic @ Sunway Pyramid
to celebrate ser yiing's birthday.

Yup, the flowers.
From left to right:
Rafflesia, Daisy, Periuk Kera, Semalu and Bunga tahi ayam.
credits go to Raj for coming up with such "pretty" names for us. LOL.

After that night session at Republic,
the flowers went to makan,
and thus reached home late.

I slept at 4am,
and woke up at 9am for the ball meeting. *sigh*

Then I was up the whole day till now.
I feel so darn tired.
I got more sleep during exams then yesterday.

Okies, i think i wanna go sleep soon.
Will update my primary school pictures soon hopefully^^


Anonymous said...

wow....ur hair looks damn nice...
i wonder who cut it for u~~
especially the fringe..


Peas said...

fuyoh your head mum said my hair looked too kiddy for me la...

i feel so "un-woman-ised" right now. LOL~~~

next time I shall ask u to pay deposit before letting you cut my hair ;p

renly said...

haha..agree with ur mum! only the person who cut it wil not admit tat u look kiddy..hahaha..
But don worry, it wil grow back before u even realise it^^
Just take it as a a lesson lo..=P

cucu said...

lol.. not too bad la.. u look young for that night.. hehehe..

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