Monday, October 20, 2008

New Layout!!

Whee~ I've finally got all my layouts and widgets sorted out!!
Hehe...I've even designed a new banner for my blog.
And I've changed my title from,

"Learning about Love and Life"


"Peas on the run"

I was initially looking for some "cooler" name to put,
however I lacked ideas.

So there, Peas is now on the run!!
Go go go...
I need to learn more photoshop skills so that I can make a nice banner for IMU ball.

Btw, how do you like my new layout?
nicer than the old one?? hehe^^


Anonymous said...


BUt but..i thought it would be nice if you could draw some peas on ur banner...haha...

Peas said...

thanks^^ draw peas ar? good suggestion, but i think it'll look weird...wakkaka

suemay said...

nice :P

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