Thursday, October 23, 2008

Of He-she's..

To start off, having holidays is a bliss! Whee....

Sitting at home all day without doing anything!!!

Watching dramas,
surfing the internet.

If that's not bliss (at least temporarily, before I enter semester 5 *crosses fingers* IF i manage to pass my papers ;p) what is?

Back to my story of he-shes or transvestites.

I watched "Fury" , the Thailand action movie, with my parents yesterday.
And I was actually searching for it's poster,
but when I typed in Fury, nothing related to the movie appeared.

Then I found out that it's actual title is Chocolate.
Ish. Why does the censorship board change the name?
And they always give movies weird malay titles,
if I'm not mistaken,
they translated fury >>>>>> ganas or garang?
(Anyways, it just sounded wrong ;p)

The story was bad.
Yes. Storyline was bad. B A D.
However, the action was good.
If you guys didn't know, the lead actress did all the stunts by herself.
And one of the stuntman fell 3 floors,
and I think broke his back.

The extent to which these guys go to make an action movie is plain unbelievable.
Unbelievable because they really get their asses kicked,
Unbelievable because they can really fight,
Unbelievable because I think it's not worth fighting away your life to make stunts look real.

Anyways, back to he-shes, there were LOADS of them in the movie.
They were wearing cheongsams!
Yes! Tight fitting cheongsams along with wigs, and make up and their fake boobs.
The he-shes in the movie were *ahem* less feminine.

I then began be reminded of the "tiger show" I watched when I was in Phuket, Thailand.
Those he-shes performing there, were much prettier than those in the movie.
I wonder why they didn't get them to be in the movie instead of these "ugly" ones.

*a light lights up*

Because, if they had used the prettier he-shes,
no one could have recognised them as he-shes. ROFL.

Anyways, the trend of he-she are growing even in Malaysia. *sigh*
And there are many girls who become boys. *sweats*
But that of course is another story.

I shall only talk about he-shes today.
Did you know that we, malaysia, actually have a group called


No. It's not pussycat dolls.
It's Paperdolls.

They're actually a group of performers, consisting mainly of he-shes.
Yes. And to my amazement, my mum told me that the group has been around since decades ago. When my mum was still in her 20s. So that makes the group almost 3 decades old!!!

Remember the dinner which I was supposed to go the day before PP1?
The paperdolls were performing at the dinner.

I googled, and finally found their picture in a blog.

They remind me of the ones I saw in Phuket.
But of course, in Phuket,
these he-she's wore MUCH more revealing clothes,
and they looked prettier, or maybe it was because I was sitting further from the stage. LOL.

I still remember that in Phuket,
one of them wore only a tight-fitting lacey see-through outfit, without a bra.
But of course the he-she's nipples were concealed lah~

Oh well, as more males become females,
it's only natural for females to become males,
to counter the unbalanced which is created.
Yin and yang. LOL.
The balance shall be maintained!!!
(as long as I don't turn into a male,
and my brothers and carrots do not turn into females)

Nevertheless, quite a few ppl have commented that carrots look feminine. LOL.

A friend of mine saw this picture of peas and carrots,

and said that I've got seductive eyes. ROFL.
and that carrots looks a little girly. LOL.

Anyways, I do admit that carrots does look a little feminine.
And if he were to be a female,
I think he'll beat hands down anytime at all. LOL.

I then imagined renly's and pohyee's boyfriends as females.






LOL. They'll make the world's ugliest he-shes!!! ROFL...

I am then further reminded of orientation,
where the guys in our class crossed dressed.

The image of Alvin being an SM girl for the night is still vividly imprinted in my mind.
Just like homeopathy, where apparently the water molecules will "remember" the shapes of the active ingredients. ROFL.

Then, there was the pretty geisha by Chen.
OMG. And there was Siva and Wei Leun as belly dancers.

I shall go find the video and re-live the moment. HEHE~~~

But before I do so, lemme show you a picture.

This ladies and gentlemen,
is a he-she.

Yes. A he-she. But I shall call her a SHE because she's darn pretty.
I mean like, how on earth can she be a male????????

Yes. I am biased.
If you're a male, who became a female, but still look ugly, you're a he-she.

If you're a male, who became a HOT female, you're officially a she.
(at least in my dictionary!)

Her nickname is Nong-poy.
Just google that, and you'll find loads of pictures of her,
and even her friendster and facebook account. LOL.


Anonymous said...

"I then imagined renly's and pohyee's boyfriends as females"
"They'll make the world's ugliest he-shes!!!"
apa ni??....cis!!!!
cos they're too man d ma.....hehe....


renly said...

wat the!! how come u included me n poh yee's bf??
I agree with poh yee! cuz they are too man la..
boooo u too!

ButterfliesForDinner said...

hahahahahahahaha. Damn, gotta start pumping irons after finals.

Peas said...

u boo me for wat???
i'm praising ur boyfriend indirectly ma...:P

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