Friday, October 03, 2008


I am currently studying for my Pharmacy Practice 1 (PP1) paper.

It's supposedly the hardest paper to pass, most likely due to the higher passing mark of 50%
(while the other subjects only require a minimum of 40% to pass).

Anyways, I read the module guide for the very first time. Did a speed reading thing, and covered the whole book in a night.

Yes. You read right. One night. It's nothing to brag about because in the end,

What did I learn?

Other than the fact that pharmacists roles have changed, that health is affected by social-economic factors, and that we as pharmacy students, have to abide by the code of ethics and make sure our actions do not bring shame to the profession.

Sounds like common sense?
Yup. Peas concluded it is, and have decided to use her "wonderful" command or limited english vocabulary and "shock" the lecturers who mark my essays.

And hopefully, by doing so she'll pass the paper. *crosses-fingers*

Thus, leading to the ultimate action of Peas sitting in front of her laptop,
browsing through blogs written by her seniors (who are already in Scotland).

I see them having fun, although they didn't initially pass their PP3 paper.
And I read a hilarious blog by a senior,
telling his readers why they should vote him as a minister in Malaysia. LOL.
It was indeed fun to read blogs.

Okies, due to the slight tinge of guilt by my inner conscience; for not being a studious student, Peas shall now continue speed reading all the notes on PP3, which she has diligently accumulated from her senior(s).

Yes. Seniors with an (s).
My PP1 notes came from not one, but two seniors! LOL~

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