Friday, October 03, 2008

Fun Fair~


Somehow, I am a little moody.

See, when I'm unhappy, I don't refer to myself as Peas. *sigh*

Anyways, although I got to see Carrots, I am still moody. Meh.

Even going to the funfair didn't help.

Yup. There's a funfair in Klang.
It's called the Euro something and it's located RIGHT next to Jusco Bukit Tinggi.

So, you can either park in the many available parking lots of jusco,
save a few ringgit by parking by the roadside.
(Yes..ppl still do that. In fact, if one starts parking at the side, cars will automatically follow suit. It's called the herd mentality.)

Anyways, back to the fun fair.
You'll have to pay RM 3 to get into the fair.
It's only the entry fee.

To play the rides, or the mini-games they set up,
you'll have to use tokens, which in reality is a printed paper which says 1 token.
And 1 token = Rm 2.

Rides begin from 2 tokens(RM 4/car), like the bumper car rides which I went twice.
And goes up to 4 tokens (RM 8/person) which are the more "fancy" rides, like the Vortex. where one goes 360 degrees several times.

Going on the ride.

Tucking in.

UP UP and away...that's my legs hanging mid-air berpuluh-puluh feet above ground! LOL~
Satisfied? or too much oxygen in the brain??

I think it's the latter. Too much oxygen got into the brain after the body is turned upside down. turning 360 degrees almost 6-8times. LOL.

Anyways, that was the only ride which was worth it. Other rides are like what you can get in genting or sunway lagoon.

OR instead of getting on rides, you can go and try your luck in getting soft toys, like spongebob, mickey, or winnie the pooh.

Nevertheless, bumper cars are always the best!!!

Soo Hui and her car~
Pei li and Suat mei with their car..
carrots and i in our car...


devi said...

this was the same fun fair in bukit jalil. I went for it there and it wasn't all that fantastic.

the bumper car was good though but then the other rides were not worth the money.

u had to go for it when it was in klang. ehehehe

now they have another fun fair in bukit jalil

WenYi said...

haha...they hv another fun fair?
i didn't know.
well, shenyang wasn't there for the bkt jalil fun fair.

york said...

i was too chicken..dint look safe:P

got my pics?

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