Sunday, November 02, 2008


This holiday has been rather productive *ahem*

Productive because I have managed to finish all 40 episodes of Moonlight Resonance or 家好月圆!! Hehe~~ It's been quite some time since I watched tvb dramas. Years ago, when I still had WahLaiToi on astro, I used to watch tvb dramas from 9 till 11pm. LOL. That was the main reason why my dad decided to cancel off the channel.

Ever since then, I was superbly outdated regarding tvb dramas and remain outdated till today. ROFL. Anyways, I am thankful to have friends who watch them, and thus, I began my quest of tvb drama watching again. LOL.

Back to moonlight resonance, it was GOOD. Peas likey~
Most of the characters are well developed, as in they have in-depth characters and their acting skills are good.

Peas hearts "gun ka chai" 关家子". He's soooo nice. Peas hearts hearts hearts him. And I finally got the song sung by him, 林峯, it's called 爱不疚. I'm sure most girls who watched the drama will love the song^^ me likey^^

Other than moonlight resonance, Peas have also completed watching another tvb drama, Your class or mine.
This drama is more "kiddy" and the story had less substance. Actors weren't that good as well. But peas still managed to finish all 20 episodes of it. LOL.

After the overdosing of cantonese dramas, I felt that if I watched more tvb dramas, my brain would be contaminated with cantonese, and peas would ultimately become a cantonese speaking peas. LOL. I'm just joking, my cantonese is rather poor (peas know that poe always say that..;p)

So, peas decided to switch to japanese, and started to watch anime again.
Peas watched Vampire Knight (which peas took from poe) and peas likey!

Peas like the cute guys drawn in the anime! See see~ aren't they gorgeous!! Peas always had this soft spot for bishounen or pretty boys and vampires^^ Me likey^^

There's also a second season for the anime, called Vampire Knight Guilty.
Peas currently watching it online but unfortunately the second season is still airing, so I decided to watch a japanese drama called Nobuta wo Produce. I have yet to begin, but the guys look kinda cute^^ more bishounen^^ peas likey~

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