Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final Movie

Hehe....I didn't know that there was actually a movie being produced for the famous japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango (Boys over flowers), until I saw the advertisement on the papers!

Well, apparently it was screened in certain countries only. But unfortunately I did not catch the movie in the cinema. Instead, I watched it online. (thanks chinyik for sharing the link^^ arigatou gozaimasu~) Click here to stream it online.

Video Quality:
The quality of the video isn't that good as it's taken from the cinema, so certain scenes get pretty dark at times. Also I couldn't get to see the face clearly at times. Hehe..but nevertheless, it's a decent watch as the audio was okay, and the subtitles were in english! LOL^^

Storyline :
Storyline was not too bad. It's a decent movie. But since I watched the drama series, I just HAD to watch the movie. LOL. Because in the drama, you didn't get to see the lead characters get married. However, in the drama you get to see doumouji and makino get married^^

Usually I don't stream videos from mysoju, I usually stream them from crunchyroll.com
They've got many anime and dramas as well. Japanese and korean dramas or movies can be streamed there. I even found Painted Skin there. [here]

I've not watched Painted skin yet. Though I heard that the graphics are extremely fake, but since it's free, why not watch? LOL ;p

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cyik said...

you are welcome^^
they got married in the end?i want to load the movie liao.hahaha

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