Saturday, December 27, 2008


Holidays week 1

Peas initially started off the weekends by doing her posology and case law reports for Pharmacy Practice 2. Mission accomplished. One day per report = 2 days spent.

Peas wanted to study for Pharmacy Practice 2 for her coming class test mid January. Started off with the module guide given. Tough luck. Too many words. Too many mindless and uninteresting stuff. Mission to cover the module guide within 3 days failed miserably.

In between the desire to study, was the desire to chill and have fun.
Ultimately, desire to have fun > desire to study.
Thus, Peas spent her days ,

clicking on facebook playing mindless games like Elven Blood +
watching anime +
doing some IMU Ball related stuff +
cooking lunch +

going out
little pressies i made for my friends...i left the red wrapper back in uni so i had to resort to a diff wrapper. Peas like the red one coz it has the names of ALL the rain deers. Everytime Peas sees the red wrapper, she'll go

" Rudolf the red-nose raindeer......" *LOL*

And Peas likey this picture, coz the flashes of light feels "cool".

And on christmas day itself, Peas did something even more meaningful. Peas went to PJ to listen to a dhamma talk by Ajahn Brahm ^^

So that's all from Peas ^^

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