Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Since women live longer than men......

For the past few days, Peas have been going out with her brothers and their friends, who are two years younger than her. There are two particularly interesting things that happened.

Situation1 : We were out in the bookstore (Popular) since one of my brother's friend wanted to get a book. So automatically, I headed off to the magazines section, and took a copy of CLEO to read. (Peas wanted to read those Taiwanese magazines as their models are all so pretty, but unfortunately those were bind up *sigh*)

Friend A came up to me and said,

"Shouldn't you be reading something more intellectual?"

Peas: Because I realised that being intellectual doesn't really matter.

"No, i'm serious. You should be reading magazines like this *pointing to national geographic and some business magazine*. You'll learn a lot."

Peas: *sweats betul* Can I not be intellectual? What's the point of being so intellectual?

That statement, coming from a guy two years younger than me, made me feel like I was way less matured than him. What happened to the days when guys mature slower than females?? *LOL*

Situation 2: Peas forgot where we were, but we were out somewhere when the same friend said this,

"Do you know that it's proven that women live almost 5 years older then men?"

Peas: Yeah, I know. So?

"So, that means if you get a husband who's the same age as you. He'll most likely die earlier than you and you'll be alone in the end."

Peas: *LOL* So you want to find a girl who's older than you?

"I'm planning to get a girlfriend who's at least 5 years older than me so that we can die the same time. Then I needn't leave her alone. So those girls who look for men who are older than them are actually looking for trouble." *LOL*

Well well well...Peas was recently reminded of this incident again, and so she googled it. The most recent article that she found published in Time magazine online (wahh...soo intellectual :P) can be found here.

In the article, it was stated that women actually live 5 - 10 years longer than men!
And it's said that women live longer than men because:

1. Delay in the onset of diseases like Cardiovascular diseases in women, due to the iron-deficiency problem we have, thanks to our monthly periods.

2. Depression in older men i.e more stress.

3. Possibility to do with genetics as women have two X chromosomes.

And that is why women live longer. But 5 - 10 years sound like a long time, no?

So technically speaking, IF i don't wanna end up alone during my old withered days for too long, I should be getting a man at least 5 years younger than me! That means I should be looking for a guy that is.....years old. (Age of the possible male shall not be reveal as that will reveal mine as well. LOL~~~~)

Btw, this is a friendly reminder to my fellow batchmates,

Girls, if you're interested in a younger male, fret not, it's actually beneficial, you'll keep each other's company for a longer time! LOL~~~

Guys, if you're interested in an older female, that's so good of you, you'll be her knight in shining armour even though you're old! LOL~~~~~


york said...

tot girls look for older men is so that the men die early and they get all the money to spend hahaha

WenYi said...

omg, i'm so innocent that i left that part out. hahahaha.....

so now u should recommend all young girls to find really old men! hahaha

york said...

im looking for older ladies though haha

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