Monday, December 01, 2008

A year older, a year wiser?

Whee~ I'm officially 22 years old today!

Other than the fact that I'm actually aging, I'm in good health! (pimples, uneven skin tone and a little excess fat around my tummy area aren't included ;p)

I celebrated my birthday again @ Jusco with my friends. I was playing around with photoshop these past few days trying to design a nicer banner for the IMU Ball, but still ended up as lost as before. So I gave up on designing a banner and decided to do something easier: combining pictures.

Being 22 makes me feel....
wiser - No

prettier - No

Dumber - A little

Older - Definitely!

I do not wish to turn back time and return to being a little girl again, especially after looking at my kindergarden's graduation picture *LOL*

Anyways, it's a little late and I've gotta go to bed soon. Though I've got tons of things to complain about, esp about the IMU Ball. For instance,

How bored + stressed + annoyed I am when I actually sit down and brainstorm for ideas of the banner.

How pissed off I am when I think about the next ball meeting *urgh*

How I wish I hadn't became a committee for the IMU Ball. *darn the 21-year old me who decided that gaining a new experience in organising a ball would be fun and benificial*

I shall sign off and head for slumberland. Late nights don't do good for my pimply skin *sigh*


kappax2 said...

Happy birthday! :)

milochel said...

ditto kappax2!

i realised i dun have ur hp number.. nor that yuo're online now so i have to wish u here...


WenYi said...

haha^^ thanks thanks^^

Anonymous said...

Haha sorry for the last Happy Birthday zum Geburtstag

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