Monday, January 05, 2009


It was a year with erm...lots of stuff. I wanted to post about it in the form of pictures, but hey, I've been too busy, lazy, and erm....well busy, doing more un-intellectual stuff.

So right now it's time to act intellectual, and start hitting the books. LoL~
Class tests are coming up in 2 weeks,
then it's gonna be chinese new year!!

Peas is lazy, I am, I really really am. But, when it comes to someone saying "things" about me....*evil laughter*

So, what "thing" did this person by the name of ken a.k.a vern xi say?

Read on (it's in chinese characters though ;p)



性感的wenyi the emcee(补回给你了),

*ok, 要呕的可以呕了,不用给我面子*

*sigh* yes, i know i'm not very pretty, but don't la "bomb" me....*pouts*

Okay, i know the whole "acting-cute-thing" doesn't suit me, but nevertheless, i'm hoping that it will cover up for my matured looks. LOL :p

To sum up the end of 2008, I give you two pictures.

Chirstmas Eve

New Year's Eve


ah ken said...

no la. ah ken kidding only la.
actually wenyi is veli pweety.
juz tht ah ken duno how to appreciate.

WenYi said...

hahaha....LOL :P i know la, jz jk...hahaha....who asked u not to appreciate my "beauty" lol~~

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