Friday, January 09, 2009

Bloody BTN

Although I am a scholar, sponsored by them, I still wanna complain about this!!!

1. BTN

BTN is a compulsory thing for all jpa scholars, some "psychological" camp for us. Basically, from wat i heard, it's pure brain washing. Dont get me wrong, it's not like i dont wanna go for it. But to have the camp stacked right in the middle of 3 freaking class tests is just pure craziness. It's madness. It's down right dumb.

We're supposed to go for the 5 days camp, from next wednesday and come back on Sunday evening. Rest. And sit for a freaking essay for Drug and Disease worth 30% of our marks on monday. Then on tues, sit for the 10% Pharmacy Practise, and a 25% paper for biopharm.

The original schedule was for us, to sit for PP next thursday. However, brilliant jpa says its complusory for us to go, and bla bla bla.

2. Bloody tailor.
The freaking blazer and formal pants are already costing us rm400. Well, if the government wanna "makan" our money, go ahead, but at least give us something decent which we can wear for ages, while looking good in it.

The tailor came today, and let me try this konon-nya SS sized blazer. I wore it. And i looked like some fat ass lady with no curves at all.

And he dared to say this:
"ah just right"

wtf. is he pure blind or did he look down on me?

I asked him to make it smaller, but no, he had to go on and on saying
"if you want to make it smaller, i can, but i'm afraid u wont be able to fit into it next time."

wtf. I wanted to scold him so much, esp after the btn thing was announced.

In the end, he gave in and said to make it smaller by half an inch. wtf. like hald an inch would make a difference. wtf.

I am cursing. this is bad. = =

I am planning to go to the tailor again when he comes back to measure the second batch of ppl. I'm going to act all bimbo-ish, and speak in english jz to piss his chinese speaking "secretary", and wear some super tight shirt and pants, jz so he knows i'm not bullshitting about my size. wtf.
I know I am so evil. POh yee said she wanted to slap me when i acted that out. lol.


Karen said...

chill wen yi
we've gone thru wat ure going thru now. we went thru so much hassle jus to avoid BTN which jpa asked us to attend 10 days b4 v fly wif a super last min notice. n to make things worse, tat is our 2nd camp cos we went once b4 during INTEC times.
arhhh well, they're the sponsor, the have all the SAY! jus it's abit wrong timing when u have so many class tests now.

bout the blazer, v paid RM400 as well n the blazer is hanging in my wardrobe collectin dust. same goes to the pants. so grandma-ish-i won wear it again unless JPA forces us to wear tat stupid suit ever again.

try negotiating wif JPA bout the btn lar. but dun put too much hope.

WenYi said...

haha...i know =)
jpa is so mean......:P

Anonymous said...

hehe..good luck, for both shifting ur BTN away and all your coming class tests!! :)

cute little angel said...

hey! chill!! :)
and be very careful when u bitch abt ur sponsers. There is a rumour that they keep tab on scholar's blogs. I think that's y some ppl esp those in UK/US, they make their blog private Dunno how true but do take precautions k?
it's crazy that you all hav to pay for the blazers la... we got it free when we made in INTEC last time..try to appeal?
neways, take care k? All d best :)

renly said...

hahaha...yes let's go again n measure on monday okie??!! then we wear super skimpy just to let them know how thin we are...haha...
Luckily i din go measure that day, else i wil be super angry oso...hehe..
let poh yee slap both of us, don care. Must act bimbo!!

weiluen said...

Hmm I have a feeling some JPA people is reading our blogs..but don't care! Did a great job in making our opinion known, at least they will know we won't lie down and let someone step over us

WenYi said...

ekkkk....they're reading our blogs? omg, the next thing you know, all of us will be stuck in the "lokap" or ISA or some "ulu" place for 5 days camp. rofl~~~~

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